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Shruti Haasan Unblushed | Be The Bitch

I was on a phone call the other day and I noticed a word cloaked in a joke. Bitch. This mongrel of an insult, slipped in to put
me in my place. And what place might that be? The backseat of the slow moving train of your
brain reserved for women who were too big to fit into your narrow mind or too tall to
cower under your insecurities. Bitch is the verbal eye-roll you make to classify
any woman who is not your cup of tea because she refused to pour it. Genus: Selfishus. Species: Ambitious. And if you think bitch offends me, honey,
I’ve got news for you. The bitch is a teacher who stands against
a system. The bitch is a multi-tasker and that’s why she has no time for your excuses. The bitch has a multi-million dollar business
that was based on doubt and sheer determination. The bitch is pure ambition with hormones. Yes, hormones. The bitch is a girl that said no and meant
it and she left with her yes safely tucked in her handbag. A bitch can’t always be nice, but she may
be the kindest. A bitch loses sleep for her kids, but dreams
for herself. The bitch is your boss who gave you the raise. The bitch buys lingerie for herself. The bitch wears what she likes. A Bitch isn’t afraid to have her heart broken. A Bitch isn’t afraid to tell you she loves you. A bitch is a stud with boobs. Bitch is the only insult you could come up with for a woman who left you. So, the next time you look at me and want to send me flowers. The next time you look at my face, my eyes, my clothes, my skin, my moods, my shoes, my voice, my vice, my sacrifice, my now, my then, my fight, my time, my love, my light, my heart, my mistakes, my very being, please sign the big red roses to the..


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