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Simon Coulson Review – Internet Business School

Simon Coulson Review – Internet Business School Hi, it’s Jane Frankland and I’m here to
talk to you about Simon Coulson and his Fast Track Internet Marketing Course and also his
Platinum Course. And so, I want to go through all the reasons why I joined, what I got out
of it to help you make a decision in case you’re thinking about doing it too. So why did I join the Fast Track Internet
Marketing Course? Well, it’s a 3-day course and for me, I really wanted to know how to
build a website. Everything has led on from that. So at the stage when I signed up, I
hadn’t even decided that I was actually going to start a new business. But when I
did join, – especially being a creative person, ideas started to come into my head
and I really thought, “Hang on, I can do a lot with this.” So it was the website
that initially got me interested in starting a new business and everything else has led
on from that. So what have I got out of the course? Well,
out of the 3-day course, it was really intensive and quite frankly, it absolutely blew my mind.
And I needed a few days to just recover from it because a lot of it was new. And then following
that, I actually signed up to the Platinum Group which was monthly meetings and bi-monthly
webinars. So it was continuing the process of learning about online marketing. The main thing that I got out of it really
was how to build a website. So it started off with researching your business, how to
build a website, SEO, link-building, social media, video, and so much more. But those
were the main things that I got out of both the 3-day course and then the Platinum Group. The Platinum Group, actually just to add,
the other really useful thing that I got from it was the community and the one-to-one help
that we got from actually asking Simon’s tutors. So that really was very valuable plus
the continuing learning. What other benefits have I got out of joining
Simon’s course? Well, the community is one so it’s actually meeting like-minded entrepreneurs,
being able to discuss the challenges that we have in our businesses, and then having
the one-to-one help with the coaches there. And additionally, it’s the extended tutorials
that we’ve had as well. So that’s all been really great. What would I say to someone who is thinking
about joining? Well firstly, I would say go and do some research because that’s exactly
what I did, I found out about Simon. Has he got a good reputation? Are people saying good
things about him? And definitely, with Simon they are. He has a really, really good reputation
in the marketplace. And I’m so lucky really that I managed to join with him because I
was very new to Internet marketing. I didn’t know who the ones to watch out for were and
also, who the major players were. Simon is very well respected. Go and ask about him
and his course. And then I would say, just join. If you are serious about starting your business
and you need the online facility for it then just sign up, get completely involved in it,
get stuck in, and I would also really encourage you to join the Platinum Group because that
is extremely helpful. But you do have to go so don’t just sign up and not turn up. Sign
up and go to the monthly meetings and then sign up and listen in to the bi-monthly webinars.
They are recorded but you’re not going to get as much value from them. So if you’re
joining, I always say, just play full out. Don’t do anything by halves. So, good luck. So, that’s it guys. If you want to ask me
about Simon’s course, I’m very happy to do that. Come and find me on my website. There’s
a link to it at the end of the – of this video. You can find me on all the social media
channels as well. So I really look forward to hearing from you. Come and see me on my
website because I got loads of information for you with regards to your business. And
lots and lots of luck. Thanks a lot. Bye. 2


  • TypeRAguy

    This might be his daughter, girlfriend, wife etc for all we know – maybe all 3. Nice enough girl I'm sure but what is the motivation for coming on here spouting all this stuff? As Shaun has said it sounds phony.

    Ironically I've just noticed another blog by the same girl "How to increase sales online without sounding like a salesperson" HaHaHa – you couldn't make it up!

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