Singing Bowl Musical Instrument Teaching Search Engine Optimization One Topic Only December 17, 2019
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Singing Bowl Musical Instrument Teaching Search Engine Optimization One Topic Only December 17, 2019

okay so so this is my scene boy I
haven’t played it in quite a while so I hope I hope it works I’m gonna warm it
up a little bit so you know anybody who does a musical instruments you know you
got to warm it up so if there was like a heating thing or something
I don’t know if this will work okay so so like if this was if this my vacuum
cleaners back there the vacuum cleaner is this exercise and there’s my other
camera that I found so the singing bowl would be okay so the singing bowl is a
good example of describing one topic only one topic only you know artificial
intelligence so it’d be like it would be like saying you’re a band which you
can’t be a band by yourself but this is this would be like one note only and so
so I was thinking though that would be sort of cool to have singing bowls in
marching band oh I can still do it so the more you do it the louder howls you hear that wave it’s sort of like a
vibrato so yes my seeing Bowl still works so
this would be like describing one topic only you have one note in a band for
your artificial intelligence so if your artificial intelligence and you want to
know how artificial intelligence works then it’s seeking out singing bowls I can feel it vibrating in my hand
through the pillow and so this thing is like a little
leathery kind of a thing and so it has it has an effect on it too
so this thing sort of a little leathery thing so when I first did it I couldn’t
get it to work but the more you play with it the better it works let’s see if
I can you can mildly hear it I can’t this vibrating this is a good
example of sound of sound causing a vibration in your body now they said
that you can use this side too I didn’t find it to work as well so it is going to work now the only thing with the would site
it does work but it kind of picks up the scratches more with this site muffles it
more so they both work so whatever purpose you want to use it for they both
work so yeah I just had it had been a while since I played it it’s kind of fun
just to play around with it I’d like to have a great big one though I think a
great big one would be fun too so anyway that’s it for my lesson on
singing bowls relating a singing bowl to one topic only in artificial
intelligence search engine optimization and so this would be like like having a
band and you’re the band by yourself and nobody else is part of your band and and
so so artificial intelligence would just be seeking out this it might be seeking
out singing bowl it might be seeing seeking seeking out this tone seeking
searching discovering because when we describe how YouTube works YouTube is
the second largest search engine to Google and so the thing is is that
YouTube by itself probably would never be the largest unless everything on
Google went over to YouTube too so everything on Google went to YouTube
then it would be the probably the largest because it could be well yeah it
could be there’s not always that possible things a possibility you never
know it would be interesting if if there was more content created on YouTube but
the thing is with writing is easy though to and so you know so for a lot of folks
because I makes sense to me how what happens with this self censorship thing
that that we’ve been in and we’ve been taught you know we’re we’re afraid to
speak out and speak about things and so that’s why that saying if you see
something say something is so such a blur statement it really is because a
lot of people will take that and run with it and just assume oh well they put
it in the school then it’s like okay so we’re gonna teach
the kids to profile people in their own neighborhood who have lived here longer
than the schools even been here that’s what we’re gonna do is teach kids to
profile adults in the neighborhood and then if an adult walks past the school
then they’re a pervert something’s wrong with them and so we’re gonna teach and
profile people in the neighborhood and just judge them in advance of them any
doing anything wrong and that’s basically the sentiment of what’s been
coming out of the public school system since I was it in the public school
system and it just depends on the teacher who’s teaching it too because
not all teachers are gonna do that there’s gonna be some more progressive
types of teachers who are going to see that as a harmful type of of rhetoric
because then then that that goes against the foundation of well why would you say
that that to teach that to kids when that person hasn’t done anything wrong
you don’t know who that person is and just because that person looks like
someone else that they put on the TV or on the news doesn’t mean that that
person has done anything wrong so why are you teaching kids why are the
teachers teaching kids to profile and judge citizens here in the United States
so that’s that’s the whole thing that I that’s never made any sense to me and so
that’s why when you put people on TV on the news and in newspapers and you put
up criminal records and things like that that’s devastating to families and
devastating to to the people because of the fact that you’re just making it
what’s sort of like impeachment you’re making charges impeachment meat yeah
you’re making charges against someone that may or may not be true of the
American public but yet impeachment against the president it’s just
questioning and asking why did the president do that you know why why did a
public official do that so I was thinking anybody could be impeached in
that sense and so yes so I went from oh I this was a good one I went from the
singing bowl one top he go now talking and I related it to
impeachment you know yeah it related it to impeachment so a lot of people think
that impeachment is removing somebody and that doesn’t necessarily mean that
it’s removing someone it can be related to right now because we have this
endless cycle of election we have this endless cycle of election election for
you know for content creation for corporate media and for the politicians
so then that means that they’re using things against the President as their
means of content creation they’re using as their means of content
creation and then corporate media is using they’re using the politics as
their means of something to have topics to discuss about with what topic only
what topic only they’re using that as their means of discuss politics for
their content creation so they’re using open records for their content creation
and among other things because a lot of tea school teachers are related in in
some capacity to media you know they’ll work for college you know college
instructors will work for media companies and they go back and forth and
then they find a way to exclude people and so that’s the part that’s kind of
sick and sad about it and then they go into politics so they’re all connected
and related that’s what I’ve seen and you know you can find you so when you
have a when you have like we had a meteorologist here for many many years
since I’ve been here and he said that he was a teacher two of them were to two of
the TV anchors at one station or they were meteorologists and then they were
Morning News people they were actual they were on TV and they were teaching
at the same time they often talked about how how they would go from the job at
the TV station over to the college to teach at the
College and then they’d have kids coming into the station as well and then they
would call that teaching and so it’s like well isn’t at what point does that
become a conflict of interest so when you’re in media you’ve you’ve made your
job secure yet you’ve obstructed hey someone else’s job oh oh my goodness
yeah you’re part of obstructing someone else’s job and then these people go into
politics and then obstruct someone else’s job and so then they’ve got it
all set up that they’re getting money out somehow they’re getting money out to
pay for what they’re doing you know in Grant it’s a lot of it’s probably is
based on 1099 work so they can be defunded just like any youtuber can be
defunded too and so and that’s a bad system yeah that’s a really bad system
so hey oh my goodness sneezing again anyway there’s my vacuum
cleaners anyway that’s it for right now

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