Social Media vs. SEO
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Social Media vs. SEO

So, when you say SEO versus social media,
right? It’s the big match fight. Well, you know, they’re not fighting against each
other. They’re actually working with each other.
Remember, social media, they’re search engines. And that’s we’re going to talk
about today. Today, we’re going to talk about the
ultimate fight, right? SEO versus social media. Ding, ding! Well… Guys, let’s not
think about it that way. It’s not one of the other. It’s how they come together
that matters. So, let’s take a step back. Search engine
optimization has been around for well over a decade. And I spent my formative
years at Yahoo really looking at buyer behavior. The keywords, how long those
keywords are, when do they buy and when do they not buy. So, that’s a different
sort of pulse. So, there’s a pulse of SEO, right? I can feel it. I can see it in the
keyword data and therefore I create content that matches that heartbeat, if
you will. Now, let’s translate that over to social media. Social media is that
that in the moment posting of what’s happening in my life, “What I’m doing?
Where I’m going? What I’m a thought leader in?” So, if I want to be an expert
in my field, of course I’m going to write content that is going to be findable.
That’s the SEO piece. But then all the elements in that content can then be
repurposed to social media. Now, I can slice and dice my blog and make it all
different kinds of social media posts. So, let me show you about the path that you
should consider taking as a business owner. The first thing you need to do is
think about the website first. That is what you are an expert. It is your
platform, is your definitive thesis on what you’re an expert in. Then we bump to
the blog. The blog is an ongoing commentary of what you know that’s
happening right now in your business. A blog is a web log. A log of a diary of
what’s happening. Here’s what we’re going, here’s what we see in the in the news.
Here’s the conferences were attending. Here’s our booth number. Whatever is
happening, the blog should be reporting on that. Then we take the blog and we
share it to social. That’s peer validation. We like it, we subscribe to it,
we follow it, we share it. That is the ultimate indicator to Google that people
are resonating with your blogs or your content. Therefore that validates your
website. So, let me recap. You’re an expert in your space. You
got your website, that’s your definitive thesis. Then I go to your blog, that’s the
ongoing research that keeps me on my A game. And then when I share that blog to
social, that’s when it becomes peer validated. and that’s so important that
we get the likes and the subscribes and the followers because that means it’s
resonating. People are liking it, they’re commenting it, they’re following it.
Speaking of commenting, make sure to post a comment below. What have you found in
your digital marketing strategy between SEO and social media? How have they
played a role in your overall marketing strategy? I watched those comments and I
will definitely give you my feedback. Go ahead and do that now. As you can see, I
love what I do and I love empowering business owners to get findable online.
We’ve got clients that are small mom and pops that rank right under Amazon and
Alibaba. You could do it. This is why we have our findability accelerate retreats.
Every quarter, we have 2 and a half days of total nerd town. We geek out on
all the best keyword research tools and how you can set your digital strategy to
include your website, your blog and your social media. So, when you leave, you have
a whole 90 day plan ready to execute. Check out our
slash retreat and I’ll see you at our next work-cation.

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