Spidey & She-Hulk Smash Sandcastles! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – From Hulk to Eternity | SHORT
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Spidey & She-Hulk Smash Sandcastles! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – From Hulk to Eternity | SHORT

♪♪♪ Well, I told her that
I can’t come over later and then it was just
like, ‘you have to-‘ Hey Sis, watch out! You’re
going to hit my kite string! Whoa! Oh! [faint thud] Oh, you crashed
my kite. It was an accident. Spidey! I know it’s easy
to get distracted, but it’s really important
to pay attention to what’s around you. I learned that with my
friends Hulk and She-Hulk when we got into
some trouble on our last trip
to the beach. [grunts] Sorry, I hit that
last one too hard. That’s what happens
when you play volleyball with She-Hulk. [giggles] ♪♪♪ Hyah! ♪♪♪ Hey! Be careful. Almost done
building my sandcastle. No problem.
Heads up, Spidey. ♪♪♪ I like these special
trips to the beach. Me too. I’m
having a ball. Perfect. [chuckles]
Huh? No! Aah! My castle. Ooo, my fault Aw, I’m sorry, Hulk, I was
so caught up in the game. But I told you
to be careful. I’m going to build
another sandcastle so big that no one can
smash it. [mutters] It was an accident. Maybe we can help
him build a new one. Looks like he’s doing
fine without our help. Huh? Both: Whoa! Now that’s hulk-sized. How’d he build it
so big so fast? Hey! You’re building too
close to the boardwalk. Perfect. [cracking sounds] Vendor: Aw no, I knew it! [rumbling] [dismayed grunt] Come on, Hulk
needs our help. [grunt] I warned you not to build so
close to the boardwalk. Aah! Aw, I didn’t
pay attention. It happens. Yeah, we all seem to
have that problem today. Woo hoo! Look! That guy
needs our help. And I’ll wrap
up the castle. [grunts] ♪♪♪ Thank you for saving me. ♪♪♪ How are you
guys doing? We got the Veggie
Dog Vendor to safety so let’s clean up
this mess. Hulk? [knuckles crack] ♪♪♪ [whoosh] [whoosh] [gulls squawking] Whoa! Nice work! Free veggie dogs
for all of you. Aw thanks. Thanks. [munching] Mmmm. Ah, everything’s
back in order again. Huh, except
for my castle. Hey, don’t worry, Hulk. We’ll help you
rebuild, but this time, we’re going to pay
attention while we do it. And we won’t build it
near the boardwalk. And we won’t play
volleyball near it. Sound like it’s time for
a Hulk-sized high five. [squeaky toy sound] Wow, you two are strong. [laughing] Can we fly
this together? I promise I’ll pay better
attention this time. [laughing] Oh, watch out, little bro. We got to pay attention
to where we’re going. Looks like you’ve learned
a valuable lesson. And now that you’ve got
the kite under control, it’s time for Spidey to
join in the flying fun! Wow! Whoo hoo! [laughing] Look at it go. Cool.


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