SPOTIFY: Tips & Tricks!

Hey guys, this is SHUBH Sinha here and today in this video, I’m going to tell you some Spotify tips and tricks which will BLOW your
mind! So without any further ado, let’s get started! [Number 1] To all those people who are crying that they use Apple Music or Gaana and How they can
transfer their stuff (or playlists) to Spotify, so there is a website called **. Here you just have to connect to your Apple
Music or Gaana, connect to your Spotify and the team will transfer all the stuff including
songs and playlists. [Number 2]
So, if you are going to any new place, taking the help of Google Maps and want to play songs
on Spotify then this trick will help you a lot. Just integrate your Spotify with Google Maps
and you can control both of them very EASILY. Just open the Google Maps application. Go to *Settings* and head over to *Navigation
Settings*. Now, set Spotify as DEFAULT MEDIA APP and
you’ve successfully integrated SPOTIFY. Now, whenever you’ll navigate to somewhere,
you’ll see this SPOTIFY icon and you can control the SPOTIFY here itself. It is less puzzling than doing SPLIT SCREEN
or switching between the two! [Number 3]
Now, if we are talking about Integrating Spotify, why not talk about Alarm Clock. The Spotify app can be connected to your default
Android Alarm Clock app so that you can WAKE UP to your favorite track/song on Spotify. So, to do this, make sure your clock app is
updated. Just launch it and in the ALARM section you’ll
see Spotify integration. Connect your account and have fun. [Number 4]
If, by mistake, you deleted any of your Spotify playlist then don’t spoil your day, crying
over your mistake. Just open your BROWSER and go to,
login there and you can RECOVER your deleted playlist(s). [Number 5]
If you are hearing an amazing song but you don’t know what its name is then, what you
have to do is just install this application SHAZAM. Set it up and just tap on this button. Shazam will identify the song and from here
you can open the song in Spotify. Add it to your playlist if you feel and just
enjoy it. [Number 6]
If you hate that your songs end abruptly, so you can enable CROSSFADE in Settings and
enjoy that smooth transition. [Number 7]
So, if you are listening to your song/track on your phone and you want to cast that song
to your SmartTV, your PC or any other device then it is very simple. Play any song, tap on this ‘tv and speaker’
icon and choose the one on which you want to play the song and that’s it. The song will start playing on the other device. If you are using the Computer option then
ensure that you have the same Spotify account logged in, in the other device. [Number 8]
Ending up the list, I have got a nifty trick. Just launch the Spotify app, search for “THIS
IS LANGUAGE SUPERSTAR” and tap on the playlist. Here you’ll find a bunch of language lessons
which you can try to improve that particular language. It has German, French, Spanish, etc. but not
Hindi. And, in the end, don’t forget to share this
video to your Spotify freaks. That’s it for this one, like it and I will
see you guys in the next cool video. Peace out!

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