Starmaker reinstall within 1 minute | Recover deleted ID of Starmaker within 1 minute
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Starmaker reinstall within 1 minute | Recover deleted ID of Starmaker within 1 minute

Hello friends It is often seen that The most disturbing are those who sing on Starmaker When their starmaker app starts to hang Or the starmaker is not working smoothly Or for some reason the starmaker has to delete you How to retrieve the same starmaker ID at that time How can you reinstall the same starmaker ID None of that data is your loss There should be no song loss No collab should be your loss There should not be any followers or following loss That is, you get your same ID back How to do this, I am going to tell today in this video You are requested, If you like this video So you will definitely subscribe to the channel And don’t forget to press the notification bell icon So that you have all our videos reaching the right time This is an ID in the name of Ayush I will tell you by working on this ID Let’s assume that this ID is not working correctly Either hanged or we have to reinstall it So now we will tell you how to reinstall First you go to the playstore You will search for Starmaker on PlayStore You will install the Starmaker as you did before You know the process of installing You have already done it The starmaker have opened Now you will click on the profile icon in the right-hand corner Then such a message will come It is written in, Logins with phones If for the first time you verified the Starmaker with a phone number So now you will first click on this red colored box If this is the first time you verified the Starmaker with an email ID Then you will click the blue circle If this was the first time you verified Starmaker via Facebook Then we will click on this red cycle And if for the first time you verified Starmaker via Googles Plus Then click on G+ Let’s say that you verified your first ID with a phone number Today we tell you how to reinstall from a phone number The process is similar If you reinstall from phone number So the code will come from the SMS on the phone number If you do it by email, the code will come on the email If you will via facebook Then you will ask for the login ID of Facebook We tell by phone number Click on login with phone You are being asked for a phone number by clicking The phone number from which you first created the ID you have to write that phone number here I write down my phone number The ID which was in the name of Tanish The phone number from which he was verified We write that number down After typing the phone number, as soon as we click on the next button Then it comes written verifying your phone number Then the text was written and came as a sign of right Now you are being asked for a code The code will have been delivered to your phone through SMS Wait for a while, the code number is about to arrive Look at the message on which the code is written You have to fill this code here I fill this code I wrote this code And now we have to click on Continue Clicking on the red bar below, it verified And your old Starmaker ID back Now as soon as you click on your profile icon at the bottom So look at Ayush And it is written in brackets, which is the ID in the name of Tanish Which was created before by this mobile number That ID opened in front of you In this your followers and followers are the same You recorded all the songs and collabs Whatever the photos were, you will get them all back Because Ayush first verified this ID by the phone number I reinstalled it again from the same phone number So the same ID came back to you So that’s how your old lost starmaker id Or the ID you want to reinstall You can reinstall in the same condition If you feel that this video is useful for you So do a like and share it to your friends Will tell us by commenting What else can we give you related to Starmaker Thank you very much for watching the video


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