• Jake Archibald

    Best bit of this is at 1:26. Guy in the background "Hmm, they're filming. Shall I throw this beanbag at the wooden box? Shall I? Shall I?… YES I SHALL"

  • Jake Archibald

    Also check out Ben's I/O talk "The web: state of the union" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay-mdLMDtbs

  • Andris Vilde

    Wow, this was excellent talk from Ben & Dion ). Such enthusiasm and knowledge always gets me excited to become better )
    Great thing that Dion mentioned also the cons about progressive web apps vs content management systems that need to catch up.

    1) is there any plans on discussing web issues and how to possibly solve them on HTTP203? (like the one Ben mentioned, AMP URLs?)
    2) the Google Chrome vision is amazing but how to other browser teams think about PWAs?

  • Chris Egbuonu

    6:54 web packaging > peer to peer > mesh networks > further decentralising the internet >"anyway so…amp…"
    Goddamit Ben!! you had me all excited… and then lost me lol
    Great work guys, will look further into this web packaging thingamajig, looks really interesting
    reminds me of the promise of https://webtorrent.io/ but hardcoded into the browser (addressbar urls and associated data)

  • Sean Dennison

    I really want to know the context of the comment: "I think you’re taking…intense literal logic and applying it to a colloquial situation that has everything to do with tradition and nothing to do with literal truth, right?"

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