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summer days // seo vlogs

so, you guys were like “seo, we love your vlog” “please vlog more about your life!”
and i’m just like, “oh my god, thank you for my LIFE” but i have no life okay, if i do like, this: i look like the thing from silent hill or something like that, like the grudge so, it’s been a couple of hours since i filmed my study snacks video and i’ve eaten soooo much food. i still have my veggies here because you know,,,, they’re veggies, but i’ve eaten the peach i’ve eaten the cherries, i drank the sparkling water. i’m waiting for the tea to steep a little more i’ve eaten the cashews. i ate them with the chocolate the nice, kind, lovely folks at halotop creamery decided to send me a pr package and extra ice cream to celebrate their new flavor which is peanut butter and jelly. so it’s a seasonal favorite flavor, and yeah! okay, not doing THAT again, oof hi! i have to read “grapes of wrath” for my summer project i’m sure it’s a good book. i’m just being lazy and i don’t want to read it right now. i’d much rather reread “the goldfinch” or finish “a darker shade of magic” or something else like editing videos, but guess what?
“you can’t always do what we don’t want to do”
(lmao i said this wrong) so, i’m gonna be here on my bed because it’ll make me feel a little better about this entire thing and i’ll just set myself a timer and try to read by that set amount of time here’s the cursed book. here are my annotations. well, half of them. so my teacher wants us to annotate the book, but I don’t like writing in books themselves so, instead of highlighting and writing directly on the pages i have a bunch of page flags and sticky notes and whatever, all in here but i found that when i put in the sticky notes, i couldn’t read the quotes so i reverted back to my old middle school style of annotating notes and books and poetry and whatever. i would write it all on a separate piece of paper. so, here, i wrote down important quotes. well, at least what i thought were important quotes on this paper in black and then i added my side annotations in blue. you can pick whatever colors you want but here it is. as you can see, i did not get very far but you know what? that’s okay i’m trying to get through this gosh darn book thank you so much to japan ramen box for sending me all of this lovely ramen~ i’ll leave a link in the description below if you want to check them out. and yeah, i guess we’ll have a taste test! i don’t know which one everything is but i’ll check the instructions that they included and then we shall see. hi! i’m back from senior orientation. i got to school at around 10:50, and i got home around 2:45 yeah, i know. it’s a long time but on the bright side, i came back home, had some ramen, had a lot of trouble opening said ramen, and yeah! thank you to japan ramen box for sending me those! they’re real yummy but anyways, my point is:
i’m super tired and the line took…… one line alone took an hour and a half-ish sort of, and there were still so many people behind me waiting, and then, they started to close down and they’re like “oh everyone, you’re gonna have to come back later. if you don’t get it through now in like the next 10 minutes” or whatever anyhow, i’m back!


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