Sweet Potato Brownies | Naturally, Danny Seo
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Sweet Potato Brownies | Naturally, Danny Seo

now speaking of things that I’m
harvesting out of the soil one of my favorite root vegetables is sweet
potatoes and I want to show you how to turn a sweet potato into the ooiest
gooiest most decadent sweet potato brownies what I love about a sweet potato is that one it adds a nice cakey moist consistency for a brownie and this is a
nice way of sneaking in a root vegetable that’s a powerhouse of nutrition into a
decadent treat I’ve gone ahead and I’ve just baked one medium to large sweet
potato and we’re gonna get to this in a second these are raw hazelnuts that I’ve
toasted in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes and what we want to do
is take the skin off the hazelnuts the way to do this is in our kitchen towel
I’m just gonna rub them and you kind of want to rub them vigorously and then you
can see all of the skin comes off and into a food processor we’re gonna put
our 1 1/2 cups of toasted hazelnuts you don’t want to go too long
with this because it’ll go from being a meal to a flower to a nut butter it looks pretty good it’s light its fluffy you can still see sort of the individual
grains in here and the next thing we have to do is make the chocolaty part of
our sweet potato brownies so we have 1 cup dark chocolate chips that are
chilled and we’re gonna pulse our chips into here we have to add our other
ingredients we’re gonna need 1/2 cup of almond flour this is a gluten free nut
flour you don’t want to actually pack it all the way in so I’ll take a spoon and
spoon it directly into the cup it’s a better way of getting a true measurement
of almond flour unsweetened cocoa powder we’re gonna do three tablespoons pinch
of salt we just mix it all together and we have our chocolate mixture it’s
going into the ball into here we’re gonna take one medium to large sweet
potato you want to cut it up into chunks and it’s the natural sugar in here that
actually helps this recipe because if you notice we’re not adding any extra
sugar it’s gonna come from this and it’s gonna come from one more ingredient and it’s a medjool date this is grown on a palm tree it originated in Africa
they’re sweet I like my brownies little sweeter so I’m gonna do 10 and you just
make sure they’re pitted we’re gonna do a 1/4 cup of almond butter takes about 60 seconds and it’s all gonna go into our dry
ingredients make sure it’s completely incorporated in our eight inch baking
pan this is a square of parchment paper just fit it in like that just take a little bit of the batter in little sections spread it around it’s a little
gooey but that’s exactly the way you want it into a 350 degree oven for 30
minutes this is what our finished sweet potato brownies look like we’re gonna
put them on a board chop up some hazelnuts just a rough cut sprinkle
these on top and dusting of cocoa powder some chocolate shavings on top would be nice it’s everything you want in a brownie do you see how fudgy and amazing these brownies are who would have guessed there are sweet potatoes in here chocolatey ooey gooey you have to give this a try today


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