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    서울의 휴일(1956) / Holiday in Seoul (Seo-ul-ui hyu-il)

    A Film by Sinseong Film Company My clothes were taken to pay the bar bill and the blue sky buries the stars at daybreak I could be compared with Li Po, the poet of a thousand years ago He must be looking for silky bedclothes and a pillow Hey, hey, hello A respectable man like you is late for work It would not be good for you to be scolded in front of younger co- workers Wake up Why is this train so empty today? Usually, it is rush hour and there are many travellers… Are all the people sleeping late today? Why are all the streets so quiet? It’s…

  • 박서방(1960) / Mr. Park (Bak-seo-bang)
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    박서방(1960) / Mr. Park (Bak-seo-bang)

    A Hwaseong Film Production – Mr. Park! – Yes, ma’am. – Can you Come and fix Our fire pit. – No problem. – No problem? – Sure thing.   Mr. Park   Kim Seungho won the best leading actor award at the 1960 Asia Film Festival Planning by Park Huibaek Original play/ Kim Youngsu Screenplay/ Jo Namsa Cinematography/ Lee Moonbaek Lighting Director/ Yoon Youngsun Music Department / Lee Inkwon Art Department / Won Jaerae Sound Department/ Sohn Inho Special Effects/ Lee Sangman Film developer/ Kim Bongsu Film Editing by Kim Huisu Printing by Kim Seongok Archives/ Kim Gwiseob Assistant Directors/ Yoon Chulsang Jung Wun, & Hwang Dosuk Assistant Cinematographer/ Kim…