• [#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Lee Seo Jin Cooks Stew for Grandpas♥ | #GrandpasOverFlowers | #Diggle
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    [#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Lee Seo Jin Cooks Stew for Grandpas♥ | #GrandpasOverFlowers | #Diggle

    They’re waiting (Hears the others are waiting and gets up immediately) (Cooking for the first time for the grandpas) They’re waiting? Focus on the food Prepare the ingredients (Not sure what to make but it’s a soup…) you’re going to boil some water first? (so let’s get the water boiling…) (Seo Genie is peeling the onion) – Do I wash it first and peel it? – [Staff] Peel it first and then wash it (Solo 43-year-old who doesn’t know anything) I’ve never cooked once in my life [Staff] He doesn’t even eat at home because he doesn’t like to cook (Solo in his forties who doesn’t eat because he doesn’t…