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    DON’T Buy The iPhone X

    It’s time to make… …a very highly anticipated video. I’ve been compiling some ideas. I’ve been doing my job. Because a little while back, I made a video called: Switching to the iPhone 10 And you probably noticed that in front of me, there’s an iPhone X right here. When a new smartphone comes in here, I don’t always switch over to it exclusively. I don’t always put my SIM card into that device. But you see this device here, this is a flagship, this gets a lot of attention. The notch, the lack of the home button, the lack of the fingerprint scanner. So because of that, I had…

  • Google — Year In Search 2017
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    Google — Year In Search 2017

    (dramatic music) (fire crackling) how do wildfires start (missile roaring) how far can north korean missiles go (ambient voices) how many refugees in the world (slow piano music) (water crashing) how to board up a window how to calm a dog during a storm how to help flood victims – [Deryk] To the families and friends of the victims, know that we’ll do everything we can, we are Vegas strong. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Protesters] We will not be silenced. We will not be silenced. – [Woman] No matter what we’re going through, we still have to push forward. – [Madonna] Are you ready to shake up the world?…

  • Richard Ramirez ( The Night Stalker ) – Serial killer documentary
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    Richard Ramirez ( The Night Stalker ) – Serial killer documentary

    The [Nightstalker] the man who terrorized Los Angeles was once a cute kid with big brown eyes and an easy smile In school many of the girls had crushes on him. He was really charming and very nice It was a nice boy yet by his 25th birthday He would be charged with two kidnappings six rapes and 13 murders you have to understand We’re talking [about] a reincarnated Africa. We’re talking about raging psychopath who has no morals No scruples no ethics. He began his journey seeking God and ended up in the arms of the devil some Fear killers [kill] prostitutes So she can kill young boys serial…

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    Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

    So I think that this is the most expensive thing I’ve ever had on a desk here At Unbox Therapy Now, If you some sort of Unbox Therapy aficionado You can go back through the Inventory and you can tell me if there is something I missed But I don’t think anything is gonna beat this This, my friends is the $20,000 smartphone *Flabbergasted and grabs his cap* It is from a company called Sirin Labs And the phone is called The Solarin We are dealing with a very fine piece of machinery There is gold involved Maybe even diamonds and leather And all the wonderful materials that exist on…

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    SEO Tutorial | What is on-site SEO and Off-site SEO?

    Now I would like to quickly explain the difference between what is called on-site and off-site SEO factors. This is also known as on-page and off-page. Now firstly on-site SEO. That basically relates to anything you do within your actual website and here are some examples. It�s not an exclusive list but these are some of the important ones. There�s things like your domain name. Ideally you should have your keyword phrase within your domain name. So, my training website for SEO is called www.4seotraining.com.au, so it has a domain name with the keywords embedded within it. Now probably the most important on-site SEO factor of all, is the title,…

  • Angelica Hale: Future Star STUNS The Crowd OH. MY. GOD!!! | Auditions 2 | America’s Got Talent 2017
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    Angelica Hale: Future Star STUNS The Crowd OH. MY. GOD!!! | Auditions 2 | America’s Got Talent 2017

    DAD: Five years ago, we never imagined that she would be here today. When Angelica was four years old, she started coughing and having fevers. We brought her into the emergency room, and that’s when we found out she had double pneumonia. And her kidney stopped working. ♪ Sweet ♪ ♪ creature ♪ [MUSIC CONTINUES IN BACKGROUND] DAD: Things were getting really bad really fast. They brought in a chaplain to talk with us. MOM: We thought that… we were about to lose her. ♪ don’t know where we were going. ♪ DAD: What saved her life is she got a kidney transplant from her mother. TYRA: What did Mommy…

  • SEO Tutorial – The Official Google SEO Guide – Learn SEO Tips
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    SEO Tutorial – The Official Google SEO Guide – Learn SEO Tips

    Now the next I�m going to show you is how to look at Google�s own SEO guide. So, if you go to Google and search using the phrase �Google SEO Guide�, you will get results like this. You see this one, it�s a PDF file and open it up it will look something like this. Another great thing about this, is that this is not my opinion, or somebody else�s opinion, this is a guide direct from Google. So, look at the table of contents here, as you can see we�ve got a little bit about SEO basics, then bits on how to create good titles and good descriptions. And…