• How to rank your website in 2019 (SEO in 2-minutes)
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    How to rank your website in 2019 (SEO in 2-minutes)

    hey there are quickly one of the cover what SEO is like in 2019 again SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s essentially it’s how your website appears when people search things and insert engines such as Google so Google’s whole goal is to help users that use their website find the most relevant site possible within the least amount of searches so if I’m searching best restaurant in Auckland and the first thing that appears is a restaurant in a different city that’s not going to be very helpful for me because I might click on it I might spend some time looking at it and then realize…

  • Which SEO agency do you recommend?
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    Which SEO agency do you recommend?

    >>CUTTS: A question from West Virginia, right next to my home state Kentucky, Frank asks, “If I’m looking to hire an SEO agency, which one do you recommend?” I’m not going to say which SEO agency I personally would recommend because you never know things can change, you know, people change their policies. You never know exactly what different agencies might be doing. I’ll give you a general answer to the question. If you search for, you know, Google SEO guidelines or something like that, we have an entire page on our Webmaster Help Center that sort of says, “Here are some things to look out for–and here are some…

  • Amazon ASIN Analysis Tool
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    Amazon ASIN Analysis Tool

    The IFC ASIN Crawler Light Version makes product research on Amazon easy. It integrates with your Google Chrome browser to streamline your product research on Amazon. In this video I will explain the 3 simple steps you need to take in order to use our Amazon tool correctly. First of all, download the crawler from the Chrome Web Store and open the Amazon website. As the second step, type in the search term about which you want to receive more information. In this example, I will type in TV. Now click on the IFC ASIN crawler icon, which should appear in the toolbar after the successful installation of the application.…

  • Walkthrough: How To Do Content Gap Research With Ahrefs
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    Walkthrough: How To Do Content Gap Research With Ahrefs

    When it comes to SEO, do you know what keywords your competitors are indexing for that you aren’t? There’s a website that does! I’m Olivia with Whole Whale and today we’re going to do a walk-through of the content gap feature on Ahrefs. Okay, but what is Ahrefs, apart from a mouthful to say? It is a data-driven SEO tool that allows you to track things like backlinks, organic traffic, indexing keywords, and non- indexing keywords. You can sample it for seven days for seven dollars and from there the fees start at ninety-nine dollars a month for a subscription, and in the seven day trial one of the first…

  • Definition: Crawlers | Clix
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    Definition: Crawlers | Clix

    My name is Jared and I’m an Account Manager at Clix. Crawlers, Spiders, and Bots are generally the same thing. Those word gets thrown around a lot. Basically a Crawler, a Spider, or a Bot is software search engines leverage to read the material on your website and save it for a later date. So when users go to Google and they type in, “how to make the best sandwich?” A Bot has collected that data and then is able to serve it up in the search engine results page. If you found this information useful, give it a thumbs up or if you have something to add to the…