• 21 Elements to A/B Test on Your Donation Page
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    21 Elements to A/B Test on Your Donation Page

    The donation page is arguably one of the most important pages on your nonprofit’s website. Today we’re going to dissect that very page and come up with the 21 elements that you can A/B test to increase donations. In 2017, the charitable giving amount in the U.S. reached 390 billion dollars, and of that amount, 72 percent were from individual donors. And so that’s why it’s so important to optimize your donation page. When it comes to optimizing your website using A/B testing, we have another video that you can find over here to get down to the basics. Essentially what it boils down to is, you can test three…

  • MAGIC Session 4 part 2
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    MAGIC Session 4 part 2

    James Hamilton: Excellent. Danielle Danielle Brian: Ah, I one of the things that I thought was interesting about the question that was asked for the panel was to think about the N non-profit or NGO community has already done and my colleague Brian, he and I have been putting together some thoughts and we thought you know actually there are different models that the NGO world has accomplished. One is gathering and publishing government documents. So, the CRS reports which ridiculously still aren’t made available through Open CRS, or Federation of American Scientists are putting those online. Unifying and preserving disparate government data like Taxpayers for Common Sense work. And…

  • Nightcrawler – How Cinematography Tells The Story
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    Nightcrawler – How Cinematography Tells The Story

    I think we all appreciate beautiful cinematography, and it would be hard to argue that Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler is anything but beautiful. However, what I find most impressive about the film’s cinematography is how it supplements the story. Just about everything we learn about our dark and twisted protagonist Lou Bloom from the dialogue is reflected in the cinematography. Gilroy and director of photography, Robert Elswit, paid specific attention to every visual detail and used a lot of these to help enhance the story and give us more information about Lou. Today, I want to dive into a few of the major themes of the movie by looking at different…

  • Amazon ASIN Analysis Tool
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    Amazon ASIN Analysis Tool

    The IFC ASIN Crawler Light Version makes product research on Amazon easy. It integrates with your Google Chrome browser to streamline your product research on Amazon. In this video I will explain the 3 simple steps you need to take in order to use our Amazon tool correctly. First of all, download the crawler from the Chrome Web Store and open the Amazon website. As the second step, type in the search term about which you want to receive more information. In this example, I will type in TV. Now click on the IFC ASIN crawler icon, which should appear in the toolbar after the successful installation of the application.…

  • How to Do Keyword Research for Free
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    How to Do Keyword Research for Free

    How to Do Keyword Research for Free hello and welcome in this video session I’m going to show you how you can do keyword research using Google and do so for free first of all let’s understand this fact you never should have to pay for keyword research or for some keyword program that there are many paid keyword research platforms out there you simply need to stay away from them reason being it is Google Platform that gets searched billion times in a week around the globe okay so only keyword research platform you will need for your on online business is Google and your ability to search it…

  • Walkthrough: How To Do Content Gap Research With Ahrefs
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    Walkthrough: How To Do Content Gap Research With Ahrefs

    When it comes to SEO, do you know what keywords your competitors are indexing for that you aren’t? There’s a website that does! I’m Olivia with Whole Whale and today we’re going to do a walk-through of the content gap feature on Ahrefs. Okay, but what is Ahrefs, apart from a mouthful to say? It is a data-driven SEO tool that allows you to track things like backlinks, organic traffic, indexing keywords, and non- indexing keywords. You can sample it for seven days for seven dollars and from there the fees start at ninety-nine dollars a month for a subscription, and in the seven day trial one of the first…

  • 15 CREEPY Humanoids Caught on Tape
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    15 CREEPY Humanoids Caught on Tape

    CHILLS 15. “Ningen”: What you are witnessing is rare underwater footage of a Ningen, a gigantic sea creature apparently first spotted by Pacific fishermen sometime in the 90s. The name literally means “human”, and that’s because they tend to have a round head along with four long limbs and a skinny torso. The creature is about the size of a submarine, but looks rubbery and boneless. It appears to be mostly carried by ocean currents and has only a limited control over its directional course. Since Ningen sightings are so new, not much is known about these creatures aside from it having a preference for artic waters and a nocturnal…

  • Keyword Analysis SEO – Keywords Grouper Research Tool
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    Keyword Analysis SEO – Keywords Grouper Research Tool

    so I have done a search in Keyword Grouper Pro and i’ve gone ahead and I’ve already sorted these into groups you want to watch the other videos if you haven’t seen how to use this tool in this video i just want to show you this feature of exporting to csv so eventually once you get the groups created in Keyword Grouper Pro the next job is going to be to save this in some type of a format that you can work with so you’ll see here there’s a link that says export to csv if you click this link you’ll be prompted to save the file to…