• How to enable Developer Options on android (really easy)
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    How to enable Developer Options on android (really easy)

    Hi there, guys, welcome to back to another quick video. So you’ve finally decided to root your phone and install a custom ROM, or maybe you want to side load an app from your computer. Before you can jump into ADB commands and perform some software surgery on your phone, you have to enable the Developer options. Cleverly hidden away from the average user, enabling Developer options is incredibly easy to do if you know where to look. So let not waste a moment. And move straight to the android settings. Now swipe all the way down, and you will find, the “About phone” option. Now just tab on it.…

  • How to Delete Flipkart Search History in Mobile App||Clear Browsing Data
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    How to Delete Flipkart Search History in Mobile App||Clear Browsing Data

    Hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Theta box”. Today I will show you how to delete your flipkart search history by using your Flipkart mobile application. Now a days this flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce website in India and also this flipkart is available in application format and works on both android mobile devices and Ios iphones. But when i try to search any product via this flipkart mobile app it has the lot’s of search results in my home page section and they recommend some products from my home page and this is based on my search history.Some time I didn’t like this products,…

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    How I Made My Own Android Phone – in China

    Uh-Oh Did I buy a locked board? The problem here is that I haven’t used Android so long. I don’t really know what to do about this. I set out to build my own iPhone a couple of years ago and it took me down this crazy rabbit hole into the Chinese cellphone markets and ever since people have been asking me “Okay, when are you gonna build your own Android?” and I kept saying I didn’t want to make that same video again Just building a different phone But I keep thinking about it and I realized that I learned so much building that first iPhone and there’s entire…

  • Hound – Best Voice Search Android App? #Must have App
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    Hound – Best Voice Search Android App? #Must have App

    “Hound Voice Search” App Test. Besser als Google Now, Siri und Cortana? Zeige mir Hotels in Berlin für dieses Wochenende, welche weniger als 200 Dollar kosten und WLAN haben Wo kann ich günstig Haare schneiden in New York? Wie ist das Wetter in München? Wo ist der Eiffel Turm? Wie groß ist der Zeitunterschied zwischen München und New York? Starte ein Timer mit 60 Minuten Laufzeit Wie heißt das Lied, welches ich gerade singe? La lalaa lalalaaaa, blaaah blah, oooooouuuh…. Spiele “Love me like you do” von “Ellie Goulding” Wieviel Vitamin C hat ein Apfel? Wieviel sind 10 % von 200? Wieviel sind 200 Dollar in Euro? Was bedeutet “good…

  • Android Market – Google Search – Multi Tasking Tips – Droid Snack
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    Android Market – Google Search – Multi Tasking Tips – Droid Snack

    In order to switch quickly from app to app on your Droid phone, or what is called “Multi Tasking” you can use the Recent Apps screen When you long press on your Home key (that’s on the very bottom), you see a pop-up screen that shows you the apps or widgets you have been recently using called the “Recent” screen. In the past, it only showed 6 items, now it shows the last 8. Press on an app or widget displayed here to quickly jump from one to the other. No need to return to the home screen and hunt for an app or widget, just long press the home…

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    Google voice search experiments: desert

    this is the first time that anyone has come out here and attempted to do a Google Voice Search today I’m Mike and I’m James we’re engineers from Google Australia yeah we’ve come out here today to the South Australian desert to do an experiment using Google Voice Search but we’re not just talking into the phone that’s their easy which fingers so we’re gonna do is what is hard like mirrors which is a basica perfect shape for reflecting sound one of us is gonna talk into this dish the sound waves are going to hit the dish reflect over to this mirror here come back to a point…

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    DON’T Buy The iPhone X

    It’s time to make… …a very highly anticipated video. I’ve been compiling some ideas. I’ve been doing my job. Because a little while back, I made a video called: Switching to the iPhone 10 And you probably noticed that in front of me, there’s an iPhone X right here. When a new smartphone comes in here, I don’t always switch over to it exclusively. I don’t always put my SIM card into that device. But you see this device here, this is a flagship, this gets a lot of attention. The notch, the lack of the home button, the lack of the fingerprint scanner. So because of that, I had…

  • How To Spot A Fake iPhone
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    How To Spot A Fake iPhone

    So, I received this box it looks like an iPhone, you take a glace around here, iPhone 6s, the back looks the same I mean it looks like an iPhone, But it ain’t an iPhone This my friends is a high quality, high caliber chinese iPhone knock off Lets go ahead and find out what the differences are! Maybe there are none, Maybe they all fool me, completely Maybe we should all be using it now, I highly doubt it So, the first thing, being a guy who has unboxed a number of iPhones The first thing that’ll tip you off that you got a fake is this little bag…

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    Android Developer Story: Omnidrone develops a better game with Early Access on Google Play

    [dramatic music] Gerard Fernandez: I’ve been playing games all my life. It’s my passion. I also learned how to program computers, and then in 2001, we started the first video games company for mobile phones in Spain called Microjocs. In 2013, my studio was acquired by a big company. Some of the guys and myself, we decided that we should do something fresh, something new, and we founded Omnidrone. “Titan Brawl” is a real-time strategy game. It’s considered as a MOBA. MOBA is a massive online battle arena, but especially designed for mobile devices. The game is today as it is thanks to the early access program. We changed many…