• Google I/O 2011: Use Page Speed to Optimize Your Web Site For Mobile
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    Google I/O 2011: Use Page Speed to Optimize Your Web Site For Mobile

    McQuade: Thanks, everyone, for coming. How was your first day at I/O? [cheers and applause] Awesome. We’ve got one more talk for you. I’m Bryan McQuade. Song: I’m Libo Song. McQuade: And we’ll be talking about using Page Speed to optimize your Website for mobile. So, feedback link, hashtags. So, we’ll start with a little background on Page Speed itself before we dive into mobile specifics. How many people here are familiar with or have used Page Speed? Great. Good to see. So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with our tool, Page Speed is a tool that performs analysis on a Web page, so you run Page Speed…

  • The Most Important App Store Optimization (ASO) Factors in 2020
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    The Most Important App Store Optimization (ASO) Factors in 2020

    What is up everybody. Thank you guys for coming to this burning ASO questions. Thank you to app follow for putting on this amazing webinar and bringing together all of your favorite ASO tools into one place to answer. Your questions. Look, ASO has been changing a lot. I’m super excited to talk to everybody on this panel, and because we got so many great minds, we’re going to try to get to all the big questions that we found to be the most valuable. And as I told the panelists, if you guys want to add on or talk about anything other than that’s not listed, feel free to…

  • eliteKit – Awesome Xamarin.Forms Controls | The Xamarin Show
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    eliteKit – Awesome Xamarin.Forms Controls | The Xamarin Show

    >>Tune into this week’s Xamarin Show, where I have my good friend from Germany, Dominik on to talk about eliteKit and amazing toolkit that you need in your apps today. [MUSIC]>>Welcome back everyone to the Xamarin Show. I’m your host, James Montemagno, and today I have one of my best friends in the entire world, Dominik here from Germany. How’s it going, Dominik?>>I’m very fine James, thanks for the invite to the Xamarin Show.>>Yeah, I’m super excited because I randomly was going through our forums and I saw you post a forum post on this thing called the eliteKit, and you’re like, “Here’s all these brand new controls,” I’m like,…

  • Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Apr. 2, 2020)
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    Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Apr. 2, 2020)

    Oops! Looks like I’m missing a few bits! There we go! Much better! Hello, Summoners! Before we get started, l want to give a big thank you to my boss, mentor, and best friend in the world, Chief Fehnix for covering for me while I was on vacation and soaking up the sun! Thanks to his support, I was able to refresh and recharge. But now I’m back and ready for action! I, the reinvigorated Feh, have once again gathered some exciting news to share with all you summoners! Get ready for the latest info on the Fire Emblem Heroes game! That’s right! It’s time for…Feh Channel! Let’s get started!…

  • Swinging From Web Shooters!
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    Swinging From Web Shooters!

    a portion of this video was sponsored by Google Play hey guys we have a super exciting make it real planned for today spider-man’s web-slinger’s. I think this is probably one of the most requested projects we’ve ever seen on YouTube and to help us out JT’s come all the way from South Africa for a second Hacksmith Internship good to see you James. Good to see you too JT. It’s cold out there. Long walk from South Africa. Well it is Canada. So you got one month to make spider-man’s web-slinger’s you already did a great job with the Just Cause grappler okay I think we knew some of…

  • Extend your Android app to the Google Assistant (Assistant on Air)
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    Extend your Android app to the Google Assistant (Assistant on Air)

    DANIEL MYERS: Welcome to “Assistant on Air,” where we have conversations with people who build for Google Assistant. I’m Dan, and I’ll be your host today. I’m a developer advocate for Actions on Google. Today, we’ll be chatting with Eliza, who is a Google Developer Expert for Google Assistant. And we’ll be talking all about app actions. [THEME MUSIC] Welcome. Thank you for coming in. So tell me a little bit about yourself and your role as a GDE. ELIZA CAMBEROGIANNIS: I’m an Android developer, actually. And I very recently joined the GDE family. I’ve been an organizer for the GDGs and the Women Techmakers. And I fell quite in…

  • BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale  Smartphone Ready
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    BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale Smartphone Ready

    Towing a trailer can be very rewarding, but it could be dangerous if the trailer is not properly loaded. However measuring vehicle, trailer, and hitch weights can be quite a process. Enter the BetterWeigh™. The BetterWeigh™ gives you towing measurements easily, quickly, and conveniently. The main measurement is Weigh. BetterWeigh™ measures the weight of the vehicle, anything in it, and anything attached to it. Weigh measurements are calculated by monitoring the drive force and acceleration as the vehicle takes off. The torque converter slip is used to calculate drive force, while an accelerometer measures vehicle acceleration. These measurements are used to calculate the weight. BetterWeigh™ also measures tongue weight…payload…and pin…

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    Find My Phone Android device cell – LOCATE / RING / LOCK / ERASE

    Well, crap. You can’t find your phone. Normally you would just use someone else’s phone or maybe the home phone, a landline, to call it to find where it is. But, those options aren’t available. Well, if you’ve heard of “Find My Phone” through Google, you can use your gmail account that’s associated with the phone to find it and even ring it. There are a couple different ways you can do this. First, let’s go into the desktop and sign into your gmail account associated with that phone in order to use these options. Okay, so the first thing you have to do is be on a desktop and…

  • How To Create Poll On Facebook Page & Make Answer With More Than 4 Options-2020
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    How To Create Poll On Facebook Page & Make Answer With More Than 4 Options-2020

    Hello what’s up guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Teconz”. So today I will show you how to create a poll in your facebook application and this feature available for all android mobile and Ios users. Now a days this facebook user’s are increasing by 2.2 billion in every month and they released some new updates and also they fix lots of errors. But in few month’s back they launched the one of the main update and the update is called as “Facebook poll”, by using this feature you can easily create your questions and also raise queries from public. But some people’s doesn’t know how to make…