• App Store + SEO =❓ | Differences between ASO and SEO
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    App Store + SEO =❓ | Differences between ASO and SEO

    Hi everyone, it’s Maja. I’m Elisa. And today we will start a new series which is about App Store Optimization for beginners. Or for dummies. Exactly. So, we’re really excited for our first video today. And we’ll start off with differences and similarities between So, many of you know, and we had this problem as well to understand the differences between ASO and SEO. And actually, they are different, but they also have some similarities. Which are: For example, they both involve backlinks, they both involve keywords, and they both involve conversion optimization. She was cheating, did you see it? She was cheating. No, I wasn’t. She was. So there…

  • History of the App Store
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    History of the App Store

    Hey guys it’s Greg with Apple Explained, and as you can see from the title, History of the App Store won this week’s voting poll. If you missed the poll and didn’t get to vote, make sure you’re subscribed, that way the voting polls will show up right in your activity feed. Now I’m glad this topic won because 2018 is the ten year anniversary of the App Store and that means if you’re in middle school right now, you probably don’t remember what life was like before the app era. So let’s travel back to 2007, the year of the original iPhone, and explore how people used their smartphones…