• Connecting AWS Athena to Query CSV Data in S3, With SQL And Holistics
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    Connecting AWS Athena to Query CSV Data in S3, With SQL And Holistics

    hey there I’m gonna show you step-by-step how to upload CSV data into a s3 bucket and query it using SQL of AWS Athena with Holistics. This lets you build charts and reports off your data sitting in s3, you really just need the correct user permissions and some basic setup on Athena in Holistics. So let’s go! In your AWS management console click on IAM and create a new user add a new user with programmatic access and we’ll now attach the permission policies you need for s3 and Athena. The policy you’ll need is amazon Athena full access or a custom policy with full access to Athena and…

  • What is AWS Glue?
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    What is AWS Glue?

    AWS Glue is a cloud optimized Extract Transform and Load Service – ETL for short. It allows you to organize, locate, move and transform all your data sets across your business, so you can put them to use. Glue is different from other ETL products in three important ways. First, Glue is serverless. You simply point Glue to all your ETL jobs and hit run. You don’t need to provision, configure or spin up servers. And certainly, you don’t need to manage their lifecycle. Second, Glue provides crawlers with automatic schema inference for your semi-structured and structured data sets. Crawlers automatically discover all your data sets, discover your file types,…

  • From Strategy to Reality: Better Decisions with Data
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    From Strategy to Reality: Better Decisions with Data

    Hi, I’m sure there’s people out there but all I can see are lights so therefore if you will probably do some questions at the end but if you have questions or comments you’ll just have to yell them out. So my name is Darren Brisbane I am with the database analytics machine learning and blockchain services team which we have the honour of building and doing these services so that you can hopefully use them. And today I’m going to walk through some of our thinking about how you can make better decisions. So what do we actually mean by that? Well we sat down with our white board…

  • Vlog Cloud Formation Template Security
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    Vlog Cloud Formation Template Security

    Whats up vlog?! I hope you are doing well today? As you can see Iam here today in the woods, the woodlands near Zürich, and, the vlog is just brief, it’s going to be about AWS cloud formation templates today. I was tidying up my solution I’ve been working on the last 8-ish weeks and going through the cloud formation templates I was look at the ARN codes you put in where you might mention the role. So I have this FaaS solution, Functions as a Service, and yeah you need to give your functions certain permissions now, I embedded my account Id and the role name, and I wanted…