• How To Get Links With Guestographics – Combining Infographics with Guest Posting
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    How To Get Links With Guestographics – Combining Infographics with Guest Posting

    hey what’s up its Doug Cummington here from niche site project I’m going to talk about Gaston graphics infographics today and hopefully a couple people will be joining up in a second and perhaps I’ll even hear my own voice and on that I’ll know that this is working and it does look like it’s kind of working it seems dark in here today it looks like nighttime but it’s a little clouded here today we’ve got some rain finally it’s been like a month since it rained so it’s good we need it the grass was getting dry I see a couple folks are on thank you David what’s…

  • What is SEO: Ecommerce SEO for Beginners
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    What is SEO: Ecommerce SEO for Beginners

    Hi guys! My name is Nora. I’m on Printful’s marketing team. I’m joined by Martins, our Senior SEO Specialist here at Printful. Today we’ll be talking about SEO or search engine optimization. If you’re running your online store these days you can’t just rely on a unique design or a cool-looking store to get your products in front of people. You have to be thinking about optimizing your content for SEO, because organic traffic is going to be a very valuable tool for you. Alright so let’s get started. Martins, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what is SEO and why you should pay attention to it…

  • 40 SEO Tip Quotes From the Pros [Infographic]
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    40 SEO Tip Quotes From the Pros [Infographic]

    Hello everyone, it’s Ileane from BasicBlogTips.com and I’m over on Blab and I’m doing about an Infographic that was posted on my blog today and it’s called, 40 SEO tips from 3 best minds. And the three best SEO minds are Neil Patel, Brian Dean from Backlinko and Rand Fishkin from Moz, who is also known as The Wizard of Moz. So I just want to first, read out the 40 tips, and we’ll try to go through these quickly. Neil Patel “I’m kind of a big deal” that’s Neil’s quote – Customize your 404 Error page, create an interactive Infographic, create a 3D Infographic, use buzzwords in your heading,…

  • What is SEO? (2019)
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    What is SEO? (2019)

    – Hi! I’m Kim of KimDoyle.com, where I help business owners create content that’s actually fun to create and converts your audience into customers and you’re watching 100 Days of SEO. (easygoing bluesy music) – Whoa! What’s up everybody? If you’re new here, welcome to 100 Days of SEO. I am Brendan Hufford. I have radically changed my life with SEO. It’s search engine optimization and that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today. It’s the middle of winter and I’m outside. Here in Chicago, it’s so cold, but like, what a good shot, what a good shot with the city. I freaking love living here. It doesn’t matter how…

  • SEO Tutorial for Beginners – Step by Step Guide 2019! (+YOAST SEO)
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    SEO Tutorial for Beginners – Step by Step Guide 2019! (+YOAST SEO)

    In this tutorial I’ll be going through SEO for beginners and I’ll be using Yoast SEO to optimize a wordpress website But let’s say if you’re using Shopify or another content management system, you can still use this guide But you just have to follow the same principles and find out where you can actually edit the on-page SEO part for your website ok, so My name is Hogan and I’m gonna be going through the five step formula to rank on page number one So in stage one I’m gonna be talking about understanding SEO and stage two will be going through keyword research and also competition analysis Then…