• Tip 48: Mobile SEO differs across search engines | 50 tips in 50 days
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    Tip 48: Mobile SEO differs across search engines | 50 tips in 50 days

    Be aware that mobile SEO means different things on different search engines. On Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages and mobile-first indexing are the latest mobile-related updates that you should be aware of. On the Russian search engine Yandex, webpages are classed as mobile-friendly if they feature vertical rather than horizontal scrolling, and exclude Flash, Silverlight and Java applets. Finally, the Chinese search engine Baidu has launched its own version of AMPs called Mobile Index Pages, or MIPs. These get special icons in Baidu’s search results, encouraging higher click-through rates, so they’re worth doing.

  • Beginners Guide to Baidu SEO
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    Beginners Guide to Baidu SEO

    Baidu is currently the principal search engine in China, and China is a huge country with over one billion people. That’s a lot of potential internet users doing a lot of searching. Here are some interesting stats before I start. In the year 2000, there were only 22 million people with access to the Internet. That’s just 1.7% of the population. By the year 2011, that number went up to 513 million, an astonishing 2,180% increase. Baidu, with 78% share of the search engine market, had over 400 million users in 2011. Just to put this into perspective, that’s almost double of Google UK and U.S. users put together. If…