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    Does Blogging Still Work In 2019 | Neil Patel

    There’s over a billion blogs on the internet. Should you even waste your time with blogging? Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel. And today I’m gonna share with you if blogging still works in 2019. (calm electronic music) Before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel. The reason I want you to do that is when I release the next marketing video, you’ll get notified. Now I have a question for you. Do you have a blog? If you do, leave a comment with yes. If you don’t, leave a comment with no. Before I answer the question if blogging still works in 2019, I’m gonna give you…

  • How to get FREE #Backlinks HIGH AUTHORITY Websites to My #Blog – (Part 5)
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    How to get FREE #Backlinks HIGH AUTHORITY Websites to My #Blog – (Part 5)

    Hi guys, we all know that backlink is important for the SEO (search engine optimization) that is important for the blog which help the to be searchable/discover able in MSN, Yahoo, Google search engine So, it is very important to create a good backlinks for your website Today I am going to show you how to create a powerful backlinks yet FREE with these platforms. The first platform is Facebook. I going to show you is how to create a strong, powerful backlink using your facebook profile. I created a my blog (Carreviewsncare.com) on my Facebook profile page As you can see from the screen, I stated myself as the…

  • Using App Engine at Scale – Web Development
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    Using App Engine at Scale – Web Development

    So we just spent our last unit, unit 6, talking about scaling and basically 101 uses of memcache. Now, a lot of the things that we talked about in scaling, you know, adding new app servers and adding more memcaches and scaling the DB horizontally and through sharding App Engine does for you. And have you guys been taking advantages of those features? Has that worked out for you in production? Absolutely. The auto-scaling is probably the best feature of it. It works really smoothly. It’s very transparent. And, our traffic definitely has peaks and valleys. You know, there’s been a lot of press, and that brings a lot of…

  • How to Create a Tumblr Blog – Step-by-Step
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    How to Create a Tumblr Blog – Step-by-Step

    hi there and welcome everyone to a new Raqmedia tutorial here with Dino Redwell^^. In today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to create a free template blog and make the most out of it we’ll come back so first of all you need to head on to the template homepage which will find on template com great so as wellnow template is one of the most popular and famous blog portals which is almost like blogger and weeks so let’s discover what this portal would offer you it’s so easy that’s it’s hard to explain so it’s really useful portal which can drive a lot of traffic to…

  • DIY Atomizer – Squid Industries Peacemaker XL RTA 28mm – Recenze (CZ)
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    DIY Atomizer – Squid Industries Peacemaker XL RTA 28mm – Recenze (CZ)

    Hello guys, Mike Godwin´s here, today is Tuesday, setup, that you wanted. Peacemaker 28mm Dual-coil from Squid Industries, and Asmodus Amighty. Now, we´ll talk about the Peacemaker. We had one here before, single-coil 25mm. Here is 28mm, huge, crazy capacity. It is massacre. The package. The 8ml capacity is really crazy, plus, I can have more with this glass. I have some tools here, O-rings etc. Postless deck. I don´t really like postless decks, they are not my favourite. But the flavour is good, we´ll add some Watts. 45W I don´t really need this, it´s too much for me. The flavour is really good. The building is pretty easy, atomizer…

  • 5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition
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    5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

    Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com and today I’m going to share with you five quick mini SEO tips to help you gain an edge on your competition on your quest to get to the top of Google. Now you might be wondering, well, why are mini SEO tips so important when there’s so many bigger things to worry about when it comes to SEO? My answer is this: The thing is your existing competition, the sites that are already ranking in the top 10 in Google, they’re already doing those big SEO things that we should all be doing already anyways, and they’re doing them really…

  • Wypis w WordPress
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    Wypis w WordPress

    Hej. Zastanawiasz się, czym jest wypis w WordPress i jaki ma impact na SEO? Wydaje się, że to banał i w zasadzie nie ma o czym mówić, ale to nieprawda. Ja nazywam się Adrian Pakulski, a Ty jesteś na kanale SEO Paq Studio. Zaczynamy. Wypisy to w istocie stara mechanika, która jest charakterystyczna w zasadzie dla każdego bloga, jaki stoi na WordPress’ie, ale i części sklepów internetowych i nie tylko dla WooCommerce (czyli wtyczki, która adaptuje WordPressa do celów e-commerce’owych), ale też Prestashop oraz wielu innych CMS’ów dostępnych na rynku. Jak wygląda wypis? Na przykład tak. Albo tak. Tak. I tak. Znajome, prawda? Wypis to tak naprawdę zajawka – czyli…

  • Yoast Premium SEO analysis
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    Yoast Premium SEO analysis

    Google reads and understand texts. It understands context. Imagine you want your text to rank for the term ‘Dancing shoes’. But you don’t want to repeat yourself too much. So, you’d also want use a singular form like ‘dancing shoe’. Or mix things up a little and say “shoes for dancing”. You might even want to enrich your text with a synonym of dancing shoes: perhaps ‘ballet shoes’ . Your text may also cover some related concepts, such as ballet school, or dancing class, or a tutu. Google recognizes word forms such as singulars, plurals, comparatives, or past-tense variants of the same word. This functionality is now also available in…