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    SEO Tips | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

    In the past, people used to find tricks and detours to make Google search engine think that they should be ranked at the top of the page. But the algorithm just became smarter than us, and it understands when people try to do evil. Tricks like writing your top key words in white in the background of your page just don’t work anymore, but nice try. That being said there are still things that you can do to help your SEO. Your best choice is to make sure your website is relevant to the key words that you’re trying to promote. If your keyword is pet sitting you really want…

  • Local SEO 2019 (How to Rank in Google Maps Tutorial)
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    Local SEO 2019 (How to Rank in Google Maps Tutorial)

    – If you have a local business, then one of the single greatest marketing strategies available is showing up in the Google local maps, or a three-pack as it’s often called, when someone’s searching for a business just like yours. In fact, it’s the closest thing to a magic button that I’ve ever come across. Simply show up there, and get more calls, more clicks, more customers, and more sales and revenue for your business. That’s why in today’s video we’re talking all about local SEO, and how to show up in the Google Maps. Let’s get to it. Hey there, my name is Adam Erhart, modern marketing strategist, and…

  • SEO For Beginners | 6 Step Strategy to Rank #1 on Google in 2019
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    SEO For Beginners | 6 Step Strategy to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

    if you’re here watching this now then the odds are good that you know the power that a truly SEO optimized or search engine optimized website can have on your business but you also may have heard that it’s complicated really technical and somewhat of a dark art which is why in this video I’m breaking down the exact six step strategy we use inside the agency to consistently ranked number one on Google and you can get started with this today even if you’re a brand new beginner alright let’s get to it hey there my name is Adam Earhart modern marketing strategist and welcome to the modern marketing…