• Bringing AI to the edge: Azure Cognitive Services in Containers
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    Bringing AI to the edge: Azure Cognitive Services in Containers

    [MUSIC]>>Every time a technology is moved from the hands of the few to a wide variety of people, a whole new set of capabilities that we never even imagined, suddenly come into existence and change the world. [MUSIC]>>Cognitive Services enables developers to take advantage of AI without being a data scientist. [MUSIC]>>Some enterprises don’t have the luxury of being able to call out to the Cloud all the time. [MUSIC]>>Now, with Cognitive Services and Containers that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. [MUSIC]>>Containerization is really the act of packaging up an application that you can take and put on any machine. [MUSIC]>>Azure is the only Cloud that enables…

  • What is AWS Glue?
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    What is AWS Glue?

    AWS Glue is a cloud optimized Extract Transform and Load Service – ETL for short. It allows you to organize, locate, move and transform all your data sets across your business, so you can put them to use. Glue is different from other ETL products in three important ways. First, Glue is serverless. You simply point Glue to all your ETL jobs and hit run. You don’t need to provision, configure or spin up servers. And certainly, you don’t need to manage their lifecycle. Second, Glue provides crawlers with automatic schema inference for your semi-structured and structured data sets. Crawlers automatically discover all your data sets, discover your file types,…

  • Build Powerful Custom Apps Fast with App Maker on G Suite (Google I/O ’17)
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    Build Powerful Custom Apps Fast with App Maker on G Suite (Google I/O ’17)

    [MUSIC PLAYING] MICHAEL WINSER: Hello, everyone. My name is Michael Winser. I’m a product manager lead in Apps and Cloud Platform. I’ve been at Google for about three years. But I’ve been building developer tools, and platforms, and various things, and obviously using them, for 30-plus years or so. I’m very happy be here with you today and also the livestream audience. Welcome. And this is my colleague Geva. GEVA RECHAV: Hi, I’m Geva. I’ve been at Google for five years. I’m the project manager for App Maker. I’ve worked on Photos and Maps before. And before then I had my own startups. For those of you here in the…

  • MicroservicesTV Episode 15 – Evolution of Microservices, Part 3 (Extended Q&A)
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    MicroservicesTV Episode 15 – Evolution of Microservices, Part 3 (Extended Q&A)

    Thanks and welcome back to our third and final installment from the PLoP Conference here. I’m back with Kyle Brown again to go ahead and take some audience questions from the field here. So you guys can’t see them right now, but we’ll go ahead and repeat the questions once they have them. And you know have some good conversation here and see where it goes. So questions from the audience… Sure, so to make sure that we can hear the question on the audio, what Ralph Johnson was just asking was if we can comment a little bit on the people side of microservices; that we’ve covered a lot…

  • Google I/O 2012 – Go Concurrency Patterns
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    Google I/O 2012 – Go Concurrency Patterns

    ROB PIKE: Hi, everyone. Wow. Voice is always so big. Thanks for coming. I’m going to be talking today about Go concurrency patterns. My name is Rob Pike, and I work on the Go team at Google. First of all, let me give us a little background. When Go came out in November of 2009, a lot of people were immediately fascinated by the features of Go that provided concurrency, and wanted to play with them and goof around. But also, a lot of people had questions about them. And there’s a question about why concurrency’s even in the language. What exactly do I mean by concurrency? What is the…

  • From Strategy to Reality: Better Decisions with Data
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    From Strategy to Reality: Better Decisions with Data

    Hi, I’m sure there’s people out there but all I can see are lights so therefore if you will probably do some questions at the end but if you have questions or comments you’ll just have to yell them out. So my name is Darren Brisbane I am with the database analytics machine learning and blockchain services team which we have the honour of building and doing these services so that you can hopefully use them. And today I’m going to walk through some of our thinking about how you can make better decisions. So what do we actually mean by that? Well we sat down with our white board…

  • Hands-On Workshop with Cloud.gov
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    Hands-On Workshop with Cloud.gov

    good morning welcome to our hands-on workshop with platicas my name is Sean candle and I’m the director of cloud backup here at the end the General Services Administration we’ve got a pretty wonderful workshop planned for you today and I hope all of you will have fun peter is is going to go into lots of detail but I wanted to introduce clubs dog to you at a very high level to just start off the morning so our mission that climate gun is to allow other federal agencies to host to quickly host an update modern web applications right clonic of his offer there’s a shared service from…

  • Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics
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    Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics

    RYAN HICKMAN: Hello. Everyone excited they got notebooks? I wish we were giving out free robots. Well, people are still coming in. But let me see by a show of hands, who here really loves robots? Good, good. We’ve got everybody. And my friend PR2. So you came to the right talk. This is Cloud Robotics. This is a tech talk. And I am Ryan Hickman from Google. I also have with me Damon Kohler. We’re both on the Cloud Robotics team at Google, which I’m sure you’ve never heard of before today. And we have Brian Gerkey and Ken Conley from Willow Garage. So today, I’m going to give…

  • Build your mobile app with Google Cloud Platform
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    Build your mobile app with Google Cloud Platform

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Laura, from Google. Did you know that you can use the Google Cloud Platform to build your own mobile backend on Google’s infrastructure in five minutes? Let me show you how. In this tutorial, we’ll be building an app that allows a user to shop smart by getting information on products she’s looking for at the store she’s in, as well as find stores nearby. We’ll be using some custom code to wire a basic Android app front end with an App Engine Cloud backend using Google Cloud Endpoints, so the phone can determine customer location, and the app can locate nearby stores and allow the…

  • Microsoft Azure OpenDev 10.2017
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    Microsoft Azure OpenDev 10.2017

    >>Hello, everyone. Today, we are at Azure OpenDev. This program is totally not going to suck, it’s completely live, which means, you get to see me mess up in real time. I am starting out, with My Journey To Go, which is really interesting because I get to drone on a lot about myself and Open-source. So, a little bit about me. I spend most of my life outside of the United States and I also come from a long line of ninjas, apparently. My dad was a network engineer for NATO, which means that computers were always a part of my life. And I always had the best gaming…