• Hey Steve: Getting the Husband on the Same Page || STEVE HARVEY
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    Hey Steve: Getting the Husband on the Same Page || STEVE HARVEY

    – So me and my husband been married for 27 years. I love him, but I’m trying to get him on the same page as me. You’ve been talking about vision boards. – [Steve Harvey] Mm-hmm. – And I’ve been hearing it for a while. So I got motivated and pumped up, and I got my vision board, and I put up my dream car. So my husband, he’s been prolonging his job. He is a substitute teacher, and he’s been doing this over 10 years. And he says he’s gonna go to school, go to school, and I’m just trying, really trying, to get him to get on the…

  • Google Is Not A Doctor | Angry Prash
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    Google Is Not A Doctor | Angry Prash

    Aye! Sit quiet sit quiet, what are you’ll doing? aye, son what do you have? hehe, nothing what do you mean by nothing? is that vaseline and tissue paper? hehe what hehe? Assistant yes sir! take out all the vaseline and tissue paper guys from here and girls? where are my slippers? shut up, is that sanitizers for a show, everyone go and sanitize your hands sir what are you worried about? why?, google isn’t a human, go and wash your hands, nonsense everyone is sitting free in the quarantine and we government employees have to work more, next google yes? google.com yes I am google.com, if you are here…

  • 질투해..?
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    (I would like to know what you think about me…) so… like… so what are we…? (I want your honest answer) tf is this we just friends? all of a sudden? (Serious face) (hate this awkward ass situation) I just wanna know for sure (bestfriendzoned) (Jangoo looks like he wants to go home now) ch…chief! what’s going on Did someone call me? viewer: gtfo, we are trying to enjoy this drama I just came in wtf so what does that mean yo (Mangoo and her are definitely friends) (wtf) viewer: what do you think about Jae-wook? He cute what were y’all talking about? you said that he was cute? yah…

  • 고백
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    We’ve known each other for a month now Our relationship was a bit iffy It’s going down today! Why do you two look like “just friends?” These two have like “a thing” but… That “thrill” and emotions are missing When I see these types of relationships This is if they even end up dating They prob won’t even last 50 days Something special needs to happen! What is the female’s perspective on this? Girls may know better Viewer: Jaewook needs to express his feelings more? Heejin doesn’t express much as well It’s really frustrating from my point of view Viewer: Leave him be, tell him to just go for it…

  • 민영이가 옆집으로 이사왔어요
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    민영이가 옆집으로 이사왔어요

    (These Dang & Mang driving around) so guys so… Min-young moved closer to me so she moved to Ansan where I live (well, everyone is in Ansan now) I mean… I’m really… Happy… why are you stuttering? huh? I’m really happy because you are here! All she needs to do is sign the contract ye she can move in right after she signs the contract so today we will go check out her new place I feel like there are going to be a lot of my packages well, we will see she literally moved to next door Like the apartment next to mine I love it but why Ansan?…

  • The Bold Type Season 4, Episode 8 | Adena Apologizes To Kat | Freeform
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    The Bold Type Season 4, Episode 8 | Adena Apologizes To Kat | Freeform

    Guess you could say we’re even now. Oh, yeah? How’s that? I helped you come out. You helped me get around Safford legal. Oh. Yeah, yeah. It’s pretty equal. Even. Are you seeing that guy tonight? Oh, no. Well, I’d like to meet him sometime. I don’t know if I really see it going anywhere. It’s pretty low-key. But I’ll let you know if anything changes. I just— I want you to know that I am okay with it. And I’m really sorry. I love you for who you are. And whoever you choose to love, man or woman, is very lucky. I love you too. And I don’t want…

  • The Bold Type Season 4, Episode 9 | Jane Reveals That Ryan Lied To Her | Freeform
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    The Bold Type Season 4, Episode 9 | Jane Reveals That Ryan Lied To Her | Freeform

    I have very vivid dreams of sleeping with strangers. So, it just kind of keeps things spicy. The only sex dreams I’ve been having are of Ryan in scrubs. Not again. Yeah. No, it happened again last night. Ugh. It was the first time since my mammogram, but it was definitely the same dream and definitely still not sexy. Did something happen with you guys? No, other than the fact that he lied to me. Lied to you? To us? How? Well, he knew my brother and Julie were separated and he didn’t say anything. Oh. Well, I mean, it’s not that bad. Right? Well, it’s not that bad. But…

  • The Try Guys Coronavirus Channel Update
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    The Try Guys Coronavirus Channel Update

    – Hello, we are The Try Guys. Today is Friday, March 13th. – And we have a special announcement, because of all the Coronavirus stuff going on. – We have made the decision to shut down our office for the foreseeable future. And so this video is going to be about what we’re doing to prepare and why we’ve made those decisions, but! – There’s a lot of fun in this too, guys. (laughing) We react to stress through being creative, so we’re gonna keep making content for you. Starting with this video right here, because we have to evacuate this office. First of all, we’ve gotta clean out our…

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    Noah accidentally turned into a toy!

    – Scissors. – Scissors. – Glitter glue. – Glitter glue. – Candy. – Candy. – It’s finished! – It’s beautiful. – Indeed it is Noah, now for the last step. Toy Fair submission and, there, and now, we wait. (upbeat music) (beep) (Hope sighs) – Noah, wake up! (murmurs) Noah! – Oh, what Hope? – My new toy design got accepted and at Toy Fair, New York. Now hundreds of people will be able to see my toy. – Whoa, that’s so cool. (roaring) – Guys, what are you doing in here? – Well Hope made a toy and it’s gonna be famous. – Well, not exactly, but yeah. –…

  • 명품 극혐하는 친구한테 루이비통 선물 했더니 반응이..?
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    명품 극혐하는 친구한테 루이비통 선물 했더니 반응이..?

    -preview- (why is there a wild Mr. Bogus) wth are you doing hey Seung-bae This is the new bracelet I bought what you think? (likes off-brand stuff) what brand is this Debassq do you know? (expensive stuff) $400 tf? how much? $400? (boomer time) I think this would look good on you I’d rather spend money on games (He doesn’t like luxury goods) I never liked luxury things hey seung-bae You know this Balenciaga bag I have I’m about to buy a new one Do you wanna buy this from me? wtf are you saying this one looks good too! This one looks great why would I… isn’t that expensive…