• Animator vs. Animation IV (original)
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    Animator vs. Animation IV (original)

    hey i was forced to do these subtitles please help *Happy music while drawing* Animator vs. Animation IV Animator vs. Animation IV *drawing* *still drawing* *still drawing* *drawing stilll* *drawing yet again* *draw* *ing* *so* *cooolololieol* im going to stop *gets message* *opens message* Darren Schwartz: are you serious?? *keyboard sounds* Alan: yup so i had no choice but to get a new computer all cuz (because) of a stick figure i made *continues drawing* Darren Schwartz: do you think it’ll happen again? *types* Alan: well it’s been 3 years and nothing’s happened Alan’s wife: Alan? Alan: Yeah? Alan’s wife: Can you come here for a second? Alan: K Alan:…

  • Will a “coming soon” page negatively impact my site?
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    Will a “coming soon” page negatively impact my site?

    >>CUTTS: Remiz Rahnas from Kerala, India asks, “Is it good to put a ‘coming soon’ page for new domains? Google seems to prioritize new domains in SERPs. Will a ‘coming soon’ page stand as a negative for it?” No. I would, you know, I think a “coming soon” page can be pretty smart. I think it’s good for users so that they don’t just end up on a “black hole page” that, you know, it doesn’t resolve or something like that. If you have some content that’s coming out, I don’t think there’s any harm from having a “coming soon” page and then as you get more content you can…