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    RC Dog and Trail Run w Traxxas TRX4 LRD Adventure Edition

    Only upgrades on this orange Land Rover Defender are the 8030 Traxxas LED light kit, KMC XD843 Grenade 1.9” wheels and PitBull Rock Beast tires – we added some carbon fiber detailing and orange detail on the tires. One of the nicer radio control crawlers, this RC toy truck makes RC driving fun and easy – great RC driving. Traxxis, fastest name in radio control has different names for this RC – Traxxas TRX-4, Traxxas TRX 4, Traxxas TRX-4, TRX4 Defender Traxxas, TRX 4, radio control Traxxas, radio control Defender, TRX4 Defender crawler, radio control Traxxas, radio control TRX4 Defender Traxxas, orange TRX4 or TRX 4 orange. We’re trying to…

  • 10 Companies That Secretly Control The World
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    10 Companies That Secretly Control The World

    ten companies that secretly control the world number ten Nestle most of the products that you buy are owned by surprisingly small number of monopolistic companies take Nestle for example they own over 8500 different brands in 80 countries they start off of the kind of brands you’d expect arrow KitKat Milky Bar etc but then there are some products that you probably never imagined would be owned by the chocolate giant such as shredded wheat Gerber baby foods hot pockets and Purina pet food they also an approximately 23% of cosmetic powerhouse L’Oreal which cell phones huge brands Garnier Maybelline and The Body Shop and Nestle isn’t the only…

  • How to control someone else’s arm with your brain | Greg Gage
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    How to control someone else’s arm with your brain | Greg Gage

    The brain is an amazing and complex organ. And while many people are fascinated by the brain, they can’t really tell you that much about the properties about how the brain works because we don’t teach neuroscience in schools. And one of the reasons why is that the equipment is so complex and so expensive that it’s really only done at major universities and large institutions. And so in order to be able to access the brain, you really need to dedicate your life and spend six and a half years as a graduate student just to become a neuroscientist to get access to these tools. And that’s a shame…

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    RC ADVENTURES – TTC 2012 – Eps 5 – MUD BOG / TRUCK KiLLER – Scale 4×4 Truck Challenge

    – [Cameraman] It was pretty easy to get through, somebody add water here? I dunno what’s going on. – [Man] Yep, well, I cooked my motor. – [Cameraman] Did ya? (ominous noises; static) (electronic sounds) – Beautiful. – I want to change the body so I’m lighter. – [Camerawoman] It’s true city workers; two workers and 12 people looking. You guys are going a great job, by the way, good work, good teamwork. – [Man] You can wash off and try again if you don’t make it on your first attempt. (overlapping talking) Awesome. Nope, just leave it blank, they take the points they already had, so it could be…

  • Why Bing Isn’t a Failure (& the Future of the Internet)
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    Why Bing Isn’t a Failure (& the Future of the Internet)

    Here’s something you’ve never, ever heard before: “Hey, good question, you should Bing it” Okay, maybe once. But, except maybe as a punchline, nobody uses Bing. Microsoft has tried, and tried, and tried again, They redesigned the website, spent millions advertising a pun making Google look better, even paid people to use it. And yet, a decade later, Bing is still Bing. So, at this point, why not just abandon the project? Well, because Bing isn’t actually a failure. Far from it. It’s a story of data, and control, and, ultimately, the future of the internet. In 2012, CEO Steve Ballmer announced Bing was finally a real contender. He said…