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    Volvo Trucks – Volvo Trucks vs 750 Tonnes: An extreme heavy haulage challenge

    Have you ever wondered how much weight a truck can pull? Well, today we’re gonna make it or break it. Former holder of the world’s strongest man title Swede Magnus Samuelsson sets out to break new heavy weight records. Yet this time he’ll have the help of a Volvo FH16 truck and a new I-Shift with crawler gears. By his side to keep an eye on things is the renowned truck journalist Brian Weatherley. The world’s strongest man drives the world’s strongest truck. Stay tuned for one of the heaviest truck pulls in the history of Volvo Trucks. A short while ago Volvo trucks introduced a brand new gearbox: I-Shift…

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    Website performance and site speed are two critical components to successful web search ranking. But an often overlooked aspect that you need to pay attention to is your crawl budget so what’s the crawl budget anyway? I’m glad you asked. The Internet is big. The index web has 5.5 billion pages and counting. That’s the equivalent of over 15 petabytes or three George R.R. Martin books. That’s an incredible amount of pages for Google to crawl every day especially when we keep in mind that in some cases Google can crawl the same web pages dozens of time per day. Nevertheless, the current speed of internet growth and the rise…

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    Five Creepy Spiders | Halloween Song | Super Simple Songs

    Five creepy spiders Five creepy spiders See how they crawl See how they crawl Crawl crawl crawl Crawl crawl crawl Crawl crawl crawl Five creepy spiders Four bony skeletons Four bony skeletons See how they dance See how they dance Dance dance dance Dance dance dance Dance dance dance Four bony skeletons Three black cats Three black cats See how they run See how they run Run run run Run run run Run run run Three black cats Meow Two wicked witches Two wicked witches See how they fly See how they fly Fly fly fly Fly fly fly Fly fly fly Two wicked witches Heh heh heh heh heh…

  • Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures
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    Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

    (suspenseful music) (woman screaming) – [Governor] The state of Florida has issued a category five hurricane warning. All residents must evacuate immediately. Grab your families, your loved ones, and get out. – [Haley] Dad! – [Governor] We won’t be able to come for you. – [Haley] Dad? (creature groaning) (suspenseful music) Dad!? Oh, God. What happened? (woman screaming) – Haley, are you hurt? – I’m fine. Hello, can anybody hear me? I’m trapped with my father in our house in Coral Lake. – Haley! – Please send help! – [Wade] Haley? – Wade, down here! – Pete, do you hear that? – In less than an hour we’ll be under…

  • How to configure crawl settings in WebSite Auditor
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    How to configure crawl settings in WebSite Auditor

    Hello guys! SEO PowerSuite customer care team here and today we’re gonna walk through the project setup process in WebSite Auditor to show you all the crawler settings available in the tool. Once you start up the tool, you can click ‘New’ to create a new project and enter the domain URL or a page URL. Please note that if you enter a specific page URL the program will then consider it as the project domain so only the pages that contain the URL in full will end at that project basically what’s what the crawler does it starts from scanning the URL you’ve entered then follows each and every…

  • What is new in version 1.8.0 – WP Content Crawler
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    What is new in version 1.8.0 – WP Content Crawler

    Hi! What’s new in version 1.8 of WP Content Crawler? In this video, I’ll answer this question, in detail. There are lots of new features. To introduce new WooCommerce options, I need to create options for an e-commerce site. Let me quickly configure some main options for Ebay. Time-to-time I’ll be fast-forwarding some parts. When fast-forwarding, a fast-forward icon will be shown at the bottom left corner of the video. For the plugin to show WooCommerce options, the post type should be selected as “product”. This can be set in General Settings. Let’s just override general settings here and publish the settings. The WooCommerce options are now available under Post…