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    Google Search Explained | Search for Beginners Ep 4

    Searchis a powerful tool! It allows users to find, share, and access an almost infinite amount of content, regardless of how or where they connect. Understanding how Google Search works is essential, if you have an online business and you want your customers to find you. Whether you have a website, log, social media profile, or Google My Business listing, Google goes through a whole journey to find your business, categorize it, and show it to your potential customers. First of all, Google needs to realize your business has a presence on the web. For this, Google constantly searches for new content to add to its huge catalog. This discovery…

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    What hardware and software powers Googlebot?

    Today’s question comes from Cardiff, UK. Tristan Perry asks a fun question. “Hi Matt. Could you give any insight into the sort of hardware and/or server-side software which power a typical Googlebot– web crawler– server?” What a fun question! So one of the secrets of Google is that rather than employing these mainframe machines, this heavy iron, big iron kind of stuff, if you were to go into a Google data center and look at an example rack, it would look a lot like a PC. So there’s commodity PC parts. It’s the sort of thing where you’d recognize a lot of the stuff from having opened up your own…

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    Should I disallow crawling of all of my site’s JavaScript files?

    MATT CUTTS: Today’s question comes from Zurich, in Switzerland. John Mueller wants to know, “Googlebot keeps crawling my JavaScript and thinking the text in my scripts refers to URLs. Can I just disallow crawling of my JavaScript files to fix that?” Well, you can disallow all JavaScript. But I really, really, really would not recommend that. If there’s perhaps one individual JavaScript file that’s the source of the problem, you could disallow that. But in general, it can be really helpful for Google to be able to fetch, and process, and execute that JavaScript to learn what other links are on the page. So in general, I would not block…

  • How can new pages get indexed quickly?
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    How can new pages get indexed quickly?

    >>CUTTS: Vladgidea from Romania asked, “How much time is Google taking to index a new webpage, and how can we accelerate the process besides using Google Webmaster Tools?” Well, the simplest answer is to get more links. We can index a page within seconds, certainly within minutes, if we find, for example, you know, CNN is linking, we’ll crawl that very, very quickly. So we can find a new content quite quickly, you know. If you got a blog or something like that, we’ll come back pretty often and check for it. But the best way is to make sure that you have enough links that we think that you…

  • Finding your site on Google
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    Finding your site on Google

    >>Jen Lee: Hello, I’m Jennifer and I work on Google search quality team. A really common question we hear from new site owners is, “How do I get my site to show up in Google search results?” Well, the good news is, Google has likely already found your new content. You can easily determine if Google is displaying your site in our search results by doing what we call a site search. To do this, from a Google search bar, type the word site colon and your domain name without any spaces. If something comes up then congrats! You’re in Google search results. If there are fewer pages displaying than…

  • Can I use robots.txt to optimize Googlebot’s crawl?
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    Can I use robots.txt to optimize Googlebot’s crawl?

    >>Matt Cutts: Today’s question comes from Blind Five Year Old in San Francisco who wants to know, “Can I use robots.txt to optimize Googlebot’s crawl? For example, can I disallow all but one section of a site, for one week, to ensure it is crawled, and then revert to a ‘normal’ robots.txt?” Oh, Blind Five Year Old, this is another one of those “Noooooo!” kind of videos. I swear I had completely brown hair until you asked this question and then suddenly grey just popped in [fingers snapping] like that. That’s where the grey came from, really. So, no, please don’t use robots.txt in a, in an attempt to sort…

  • Let’s Talk about Search engines
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    Let’s Talk about Search engines

    everybody wants to know how to do SEO but until you don’t really get WHY you do it you are not going to go very far so why is it that we do SEO… let’s talk about search engines today search engines are the primary way to find information it used to be that people were using like dictionaries and encyclopedias now how many of you have been using a dictionary in the past five years that five so today if you need to know something you just google it so you have a phone in your pocket you just get the phone and look for it and search engines…