• Implementing Hash Tables – CS101 – Udacity
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    Implementing Hash Tables – CS101 – Udacity

    [Evans] I hope everyone understands the main idea behind the hash table now. Our goal is to map a keyword and the number of buckets using a hashstring function to a particular bucket,and that bucket will contain all of the keywords that map to that location. So now what we’re going to do is try to actually write the code to do this. We’re going to start from our index that we wrote for the previous unit but try to figure out how to implement that with a hash table instead. The first question is, how is this going to change our data structure? This was what we had before.…

  • CS 101: Building a Search Engine
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    CS 101: Building a Search Engine

    [D. Evans] Hi, I’m Dave Evans, a professor at the University of Virginia [S. Thrun] And I’m Sebastian Thrun. I’m a research professor at Stanford University and a Google fellow. So you probably remember me from AI class that attracted over 100 000 students. And we’re teaching a new class now together with David. So David, what’s this course all about? [David] So the course is an introduction to computer science: building a search engine. There’s no previous programming experience required and we’re going to teach you some of the most exciting ideas in computer science. And you’ll learn how to read and write programs and by the end of…

  • Web Crawler – CS101 – Udacity
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    Web Crawler – CS101 – Udacity

    [Sebastian Thrun] So what’s your take on how to build a search engine, you’ve build one before, right? [Sergey Brin – Co-Founder, Google] Yes. I think the most important thing if you’re going to build a search engine is to have a really good corpus to start out with. In our case we used the world wide web, which at time was certainly smaller than it is today. But it was also very new and exciting. There were all sorts of unexpected things there. [David Evans] So the goal for the first three units for the course is to build that corpus. And we want to build the corpus for…