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    Tips to find your missing cat! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #17

    Today we’re talking about when cats go missing. About three years ago my big fluffy black cat Teddy went missing. After the first evening I was a little bit worried I sort of sensed there was something something was up. If you return to an empty home you may be concerned that your cat is lost or missing and you know your cat best. It very much depends on their personality and their usual habits. So, for example some cats may frequently wander off for a few days and return with no trouble. Whereas other cats may be always in to greet their owners like clockwork. If you’re genuinely concerned…

  • Yeon Seo x Dan ● Their Journey ▷ Angel’s Last Mission [FINALE]
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    Yeon Seo x Dan ● Their Journey ▷ Angel’s Last Mission [FINALE]

    Please, save me. Good morning. Come back home safely. I’ll be back. Goodbye. Dan. I really can’t do anything about human life. Who are you? Humans can’t see us, right? What’s my mission? Love. I asked Him to take one of my limbs instead of my eyes. That way, I could have been a dancer. He ignored me when I desperately prayed. That’s what the deity, your superstar, did to me. You foolish one. Thank the one who gave you talent.” Not everyone behaves like you after they experience tragedy.” I took you in because I felt bad… that you were left all alone in this world. Are you all…

  • So … Sometimes Fireflies Eat Other Fireflies | Deep Look
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    So … Sometimes Fireflies Eat Other Fireflies | Deep Look

    If you think there’s something romantic about fireflies glowing on a warm summer night… You’d be right. But what you don’t see, is the dark side of this luminous display. Firefly flashes are a secret code, a language of light. The light comes from a masterful bit of chemistry. A bioluminescent reaction that generates light but no heat. So what are they saying? Well, males on the wing are advertising themselves to females with a bit of sexy skywriting. Take the common Eastern firefly. His signature move? A fishhook-shaped maneuver. Which is why his species is sometimes called the “Big Dipper.” Her reply is more subtle: a single, slow pulse…

  • I Am Going to Read Your Mind – Magic Trick
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    I Am Going to Read Your Mind – Magic Trick

    I’m gonna read your mind today. through the screen. Get ready. Three mind tricks. We’re starting with the first one. and what’s really cool, is at the end of this video, I’ll tell you how you can read your friends’ minds, too. So the first trick. Think of a number between one and ten. Got the number? Good. Multiply that number times two. If you need your phone calculator right now, If you’re pulling it out, that’s totally fine. Okay, add 8 to that number. plus 8. Now that you’re caught up, Go ahead and divide by two. *nods head* Now, take your current number, and subtract the original number…