• Page Filters for Mobile
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    Page Filters for Mobile

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Announcing page filters for mobile. This will enable users who are on the go looking to tell a story, or discover insights at the page level where the cards are all grouped together to filter in a quick and intuitive experience. Once a user navigates to any page, they can tap into the menu and trigger page filters. Here, you’ll see the newly released action sheet where you can tap to add the filter. I’ll tap in to select a category. Here we can see we are dealing with a big list, so I’ll resize the sheet to have more room to consume. From here, users can either…

  • Global Search in Domo Mobile
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    Global Search in Domo Mobile

    [MUSIC PLAYING] The mobile app home experience allows you to personalize Domo with shortcuts to the content that is most valuable to you. And now we’ve added a couple of enhancements to make your home experience even better. If you pull down your home screen, you’ll see that we’ve added global search. So now you can access any of your content in Domo just by tapping and typing. We’ve also made it more intuitive to edit your home screen. Just long press on any tile, then you can rearrange them, remove any of the tiles, or add new content by tapping here. We hope you enjoy these improvements to the…