• eCommerce SEO Checklist
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    eCommerce SEO Checklist

    My name is Luke Wester I’m the Digital Marketing Analysts here at Miva and we are going to go over the ultimate checklist for SEO e-commerce we’re gonna start with keyword research first thing we want to look for with keyword research is the difficulty of the keywords. How competitive are the keywords that you’re going after and can you rank them? The second thing you want to look for in your keywords is intent. Are people actually using that term the way that you think they’re using it? Maybe, maybe not. Check it out. Number two it is implementing technical SEO. You’re gonna need a tool something like screaming…

  • eCommerce SEO: How to Bring Organic Traffic to Your Online Store
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    eCommerce SEO: How to Bring Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

    – eCommerce marketing is competitive. Google wants you to spend money on paid advertising. So how do you rank your set organically without spending money on paid ads? Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to teach you how to bring organic traffic to your online store. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. If you’re on YouTube, click the alert notification. That way when I go live, whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn, you’ll get notified. Question for you. How many visitors do you have per month going to your eCommerce site? Leave a comment below with the number. The…

  • #Q What is E-Commerace SEO [Explained]
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    #Q What is E-Commerace SEO [Explained]

    SEO Best Practices That Could Double Your E-Commerce (Sales ) #What Is E-Commerce ? E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. The terms e-commerce and e-business are often used interchangeably. The term e-tail is also sometimes used in reference To Transactional processes for online shopping. When I first tell clients that SEO can double online sales for consumer e-commerce retailers, they are skeptical. But not after I demonstrate how I�ve done it for Norwegian e-shops using 8 effective…

  • Np, your life is easier now 🙄 SEO Keyword Research 2019 (How To)
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    Np, your life is easier now 🙄 SEO Keyword Research 2019 (How To)

    Are you ready for a new SEO video? You already had two this month. Where’s the affiliate marketing ones, man? I mean, wait a second. I made a story on Instagram about what you guys want and some of the responses were SEO so that’s what I’m doing, I’m doing an SEO video. And if you want to see affiliate marketing and how to promote your Instagram page, how to make money on YouTube, Facebook Ads, or more Google Ads video, lookalike audiences, whatever you want. Do you want some of that? Well, let the Nik on the other side of the dimension tell you. Look, man, you need to…

  • Ecommerce SEO Tutorial to Get More Free Search Traffic
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    Ecommerce SEO Tutorial to Get More Free Search Traffic

    Amazon.com has nailed their eCommerce SEO generating over $1,000 in revenue per second. And while a lot of their traffic and sales come from searches within their own platform, SimilarWeb estimates that search contributes 30% of their overall traffic and Ahrefs’ Site Explorer estimates 706 million search visitors each month. But Amazon didn’t become an overnight success. In fact, their search traffic has grown immensely year after year. So in this video, I’m going to walk you through a complete eCommerce SEO tutorial, step-by-step for more rank and more bank. Stay tuned. [music] What’s up SEOs? Sam Oh here with Ahrefs, the SEO tool that helps you grow your search…

  • SEO Tutorial for Beginners – Step by Step Guide 2019! (+YOAST SEO)
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    SEO Tutorial for Beginners – Step by Step Guide 2019! (+YOAST SEO)

    In this tutorial I’ll be going through SEO for beginners and I’ll be using Yoast SEO to optimize a wordpress website But let’s say if you’re using Shopify or another content management system, you can still use this guide But you just have to follow the same principles and find out where you can actually edit the on-page SEO part for your website ok, so My name is Hogan and I’m gonna be going through the five step formula to rank on page number one So in stage one I’m gonna be talking about understanding SEO and stage two will be going through keyword research and also competition analysis Then…