• Why use AMP for your website
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    Why use AMP for your website

    – So we’re still here with Tim at Prismic Studio. In the first video we talked about why Next is a viable solution if your like– for doing websites and evolving your website, as well – Right. – And then, we talked about like, this video we’ll talk more about the AMP. – Yup. – Rendering, and how is it interesting. Well, first maybe, can you give us an introduction on what AMP is? – Right. So, AMP is a standard that was started by Google, and is basically, a standard to build fast webpages. And the way it does that is, it’s an extension on HTML basically, with web-components,…

  • Optimizing web graphics
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    Optimizing web graphics

    Sahim: Hi, my name’s Susie, and I’m from the Doodle team at Google. So I’m gonna show you a few tips that we use to make sure that pages load faster on the Web. One easy tip is to crop out any excess white space in your graphic. Another tip is to use the correct file format for your graphics. Now let’s go to the computer demo. So here I am in Adobe Photoshop. First I’m gonna crop this image ’cause I’ve got a lot of excess white space here. Now I’m gonna go to File, Save for Web & Devices. Now this is where all the magic happens. Looks…

  • Create 1000s of backlinks and rank your sites higher with the New WP Backlink Machine software
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    Create 1000s of backlinks and rank your sites higher with the New WP Backlink Machine software

    did you know that you could build hundreds and thousands of backlinks without doing any manual work yes it’s true it’s now 100% possible thanks to a brand new software that makes it one-click easy introducing backlink.. machine an amazing new plugin for WordPress that can help you get more backlinks for your website on complete auto-pilot when we use the software on a wordpress blog one of our sites jumped from page 3 in Google to the first page in just two weeks and not just that several customers of backlink machine have had the same kind of results increase in rankings increase in traffic and of course increase…

  • How To: Bear Crawl
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    How To: Bear Crawl

    What’s going on nation? I’m gonna Demonstrate for you guys how to do a bear crawl now a bear crawl is a really great exercise All you need to do it is your body weight and what it’s going to do is put your coordination Cardio and Muscular endurance to the test you might say this exercise used a lot when creating the various sports such as martial arts wrestling football rugby or even various mud races The most important thing to remember when doing this exercise is that as you’re moving forward You’re reaching with one arm while stepping forward with the opposite leg This is the coordination that…