• How to Lindy Rig for Spring Walleye
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    How to Lindy Rig for Spring Walleye

    well the water temps are finally warming up here on Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota and along with that the walleye fishing is heating up as well I’m going to show you exactly how I Lind you rig in these conditions when that water’s finally hitting about 50 degrees because there are some tips and tricks that are going to help you put more walleyes in the boat stay right where you’re at fish heads coming up got him no like this pretty good one too I’m a little turned around here you know one of the things you got to do when you got this cold water like…

  • Mid Summer Lindy Rig Walleyes
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    Mid Summer Lindy Rig Walleyes

    good morning I’m John Thielen today on Fish Ed it’s midsummer we’re out here doing some some midsummer mid Lake walleye fishing and I’ll tell you what this one of my favorite times of the year to go walleye fishing because you can see them on the graph they’re pretty easy to catch and they’re really aggressive because water temps are warming up stay right where you’re at Fish Ed is coming up! There he is, that guy just clobbered it that fish almost took the rod right out of my hand I’m not gonna give him much time there he is man this is one of my favorite ways…