• New Free Courses & Softwares 2020 – Part 2 (जल्दी देख लो) 🔥  LIMITED TIME
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    New Free Courses & Softwares 2020 – Part 2 (जल्दी देख लो) 🔥 LIMITED TIME

    Today we will talk about Paid Fre Courses and Softwares Hi Guys, my name is Kripesh Adwani Today is 28th March 2020 As of now the courses and services I am going to tell you are free But in future, it can change because it is for a limited time period only There will not be any certification, for that you will have to pay extra, but courses are free So other than its certification, enroll in these courses to learn something So I have made its first part, if you still haven’t watched it yet, click on the “I button” You will search for free courses on youtube I…

  • Google Ads Editor Features
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    Google Ads Editor Features

    Did you know that the Google Ads Editor features have been updated recently? These improvements can help your campaign and in this video, I am going to talk you through the changes. Hello, I’m Uzair and thanks for joining me today. Let’s dive straight in with the new features: New Campaign Types The new version of Google Ads Editor supports campaigns for engagement and Discovery campaigns within apps. Editor allows you to create and edit these campaigns at scale. Shared Negative Keyword Lists By using Google Ad Editor’s shared library, you can share negative keyword lists across accounts, to help ensure that your ads don’t display for unwanted phrases or…

  • How to Schedule Posts on Facebook Profile Page 2018
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    How to Schedule Posts on Facebook Profile Page 2018

    How to Schedule Posts on Facebook Profile Page 2018 From discuss about the how to schedule post on profile page So profile you look in first build only firm Baghdad post Up to again posting for yesterday day before Esther day up to you can posting for 19 file up to here. So Any kind of posting for profile in the Baghdad posting? Risk all I am clicking for here Just first you can check First for I am done by what never is back this button by wait Number 20 first I can post for today will be number two only that I can post for number twentieth a…

  • Free Courses 2020 (जल्दी लूट लो) 🔥  LIMITED TIME – Paid Courses For Free
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    Free Courses 2020 (जल्दी लूट लो) 🔥 LIMITED TIME – Paid Courses For Free

    Today I will tell about courses which were free before but now have become paid ones Hi guys, my name is Kripesh Adwani If you are looking forward to buying them in the future Firstly, congratulations that you are able to reach in future The current situation as of 25th March So all over the world, the virus is spread There is total lockdown and no one can come out of their houses So there are many universities and online portals and creators Who launched their paid courses but now they have done for free or have put them in discounted prices So this is a good opportunity if you…

  • Zoom 40 minute limit workaround | VideoSEOPro
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    Zoom 40 minute limit workaround | VideoSEOPro

    If you’ve watched all the previous videos, you’ll see that I’ve covered all the basic functions Zoom has to offer. There are many other great tools you can use, like whiteboard, break-out groups, virtual backgrounds, webinars and more. I’ll be adding specific videos about these functions to our tutorial page very soon, so please stay tuned. Regarding the 40 minute limit for group calls in the Zoom free mode, here’s the workaround. If you know that your meeting is going to go over 40 minutes, let everyone know that a couple of minutes before the 40 minute mark you’re going to end the meeting for a moment, then start it…

  • Is over-optimization bad for a website?
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    Is over-optimization bad for a website?

    Robert from Charlotte has an interesting question: Is over optimization bad for a website? Example given, excessive use of nofollow. Ah, very good question. So first off, if it is your web site you can use nofollow all you want, you do not need worry, there is no penalty for excessive use of nofollow. You are not going to get in trouble because of that. On the other hand, over optimization. There is nothing in Google that we have like an over optimization penalty for, but a lot of the times over optimization is kind of a euphemism for a little bit spammy, you know. Oh my keyword density is…

  • [覚えてますか?今日はプレミアムフライデーです] 2018/4/27 アニメキャラとFXバトル! カニトレーダー炎の15番勝負!Battle5 ~島耕作編~ 【FX実況ライブカニトレーダーが行く】
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    [覚えてますか?今日はプレミアムフライデーです] 2018/4/27 アニメキャラとFXバトル! カニトレーダー炎の15番勝負!Battle5 ~島耕作編~ 【FX実況ライブカニトレーダーが行く】

    Time 3 4 \109 20 2000 2078 Home 1000 10 9 9 12:30 \131.90 4 : 10 1:30 370 20 1 850 550 600 1 9 GW 5 Cinema=2 05 VAIO A 50 4 # 1ASEAN A 352 9 \109.26 GDP \109 9 TAMA 210 108 950 950 JAL 900 1900 900 100 \208 900 Nagano FOR 930 100 NET 600 1609 \209 650g 450 100 \108 900 3 2 800 5000 600g 20 100 2400 24 600 800 92 9 k 1.20 400 210050 900 90 900 900 4 MAN # 7 2 12:30 2000000000000 10 20 400 300 1000 CART 950g 20 Photo 50 1.37 100g 9 JA…

  • The perfect cafe to study at on campus! (Page One Cafe)
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    The perfect cafe to study at on campus! (Page One Cafe)

    Hey, it’s Emma! Today we’re at Page One Cafe. They’re literally right beside Pitman Hall at Ryerson. It’s a cafe with a great atmosphere for hanging out with some friends or for studying, so let’s go on in and check it out. Page One is a place where you can get a lot of work done, and then unwind when you’re finished. It is a cafe that offers expertly pulled espresso, amazing coffee beans that we get from Alberta, and a lot of craft beer. I think what does really set us apart is the very fact that we have this large space. We can do large wide scale events…

  • Ben’s website is ranked page 1 of Google International
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    Ben’s website is ranked page 1 of Google International

    Hi, my name is Ben. I attended Alan’s SEO class in December. And now I’m in my 4th month, coming 4th month. I have done the changes to my website according to what Alan had taught me. My ranking has improved a lot from no where, now I’m ranking on Google.com, not.sg, Google.com for a few keywords and I’m back for review with him and he’s helping me to improve more. I have to give this credit to Alan because I’m facing problem with my ranking previously. For all of you, anyone of you who want to rank your website, you should come for Alan’s SEO class. Because he’s the…