• How to improve web app & site SEO with Google Lighthouse Audit for free!
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    How to improve web app & site SEO with Google Lighthouse Audit for free!

    Hello all, in this video we’ll be demonstrating how to improve and measure your web app. and site SEO with Google’s new SEO tool called Lighthouse audit for free. SEO is not dead. Kknowledge Management is just an another name or whatever you say. All website owners and webmasters want to excel on that Google search result page or SERP. In early 2018, Google released an important and must-use SEO tool called Lighthouse that offers insight on how to improve the quality of your pages. Lighthouse, in fact, is an open-source, automated tool for improving the performance, quality, and correctness of your web pages or websites. When auditing a page,…

  • Google’s NEW SEO Tool (FREE!)
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    Google’s NEW SEO Tool (FREE!)

    hey it’s Hoz here with another tool review video and this time I’m gonna tell you all about Google’s new SEO tool that’s right you heard me right Google have an SEO too you should be using this I should be using this we should all be using this because one it’s from Google and two it’s completely free! Ok so here we are at the Google search engine and all you need to do here is type in Google Chrome extensions. You want to go to the Google Chrome extensions page because the tool that they have created is actually a Chrome extension. Now here in the Chrome extension…