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    SEO Tips | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

    In the past, people used to find tricks and detours to make Google search engine think that they should be ranked at the top of the page. But the algorithm just became smarter than us, and it understands when people try to do evil. Tricks like writing your top key words in white in the background of your page just don’t work anymore, but nice try. That being said there are still things that you can do to help your SEO. Your best choice is to make sure your website is relevant to the key words that you’re trying to promote. If your keyword is pet sitting you really want…

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    How to get rid of bad backlinks | Need-to-know

    Having a good number of high-quality backlinks pointing to your website tells the search engines that your website is authoritative and worthy of a high rank in the search results. However, having spammy, low-quality backlinks pointing to your website can have the opposite effect and potentially spell disaster for your SEO and organic rankings. So, if you discover that your website is being targeted by spammy or unwanted links that are damaging your SEO, what can you do about it? This video will explain three ways to get rid of bad backlinks. Firstly, make sure that your website always returns a “404” response to pages that don’t exist. Failing to…

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    Does Google support cross-domain rel=”canonical”?

    Today’s question comes from Computer Klaus in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Computer Klaus wants to know, “Hi! How does Google see cross-domain canonicals?” Great question. Whenever rel=”canonical” was first introduced, we wanted to be a little careful. We didn’t want to open it up for potential abuse. So you could only use rel=”canonical” within one domain. The only exception to that was, you could do between IP addresses and domains. But over time, we didn’t see people abusing it a lot. And if you think about it, if some evil, malicious hacker has hacked your website, and he’s going to do something to you, he’s probably going to put some malware…

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    What hardware and software powers Googlebot?

    Today’s question comes from Cardiff, UK. Tristan Perry asks a fun question. “Hi Matt. Could you give any insight into the sort of hardware and/or server-side software which power a typical Googlebot– web crawler– server?” What a fun question! So one of the secrets of Google is that rather than employing these mainframe machines, this heavy iron, big iron kind of stuff, if you were to go into a Google data center and look at an example rack, it would look a lot like a PC. So there’s commodity PC parts. It’s the sort of thing where you’d recognize a lot of the stuff from having opened up your own…

  • Are Google and Facebook heading for break-up? | Tech Wash
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    Are Google and Facebook heading for break-up? | Tech Wash

    For Facebook and Google, the threat of breakup has become a lot more real over the last couple of weeks. First up, we had to Letitia James, the state attorney general for New York, saying that she was leading a group of eight other state AGs in an investigation into whether Facebook has been exploiting its market dominance. Then Google said it was under investigation by the Department of Justice for similar concerns. And then we had Ken Paxton, the Texas State AG, saying he was leading a group of 50 state and territorial AGs also looking into potential anti-competitive practises at Google. So what does all this mean, and…

  • Node.js Now with Dan Shaw
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    Node.js Now with Dan Shaw

    [APPLAUSE] DAN SHAW: How’s everybody doing? So before we kick off into my talk and my janky graphics, is this on? Can you hear me? AUDIENCE: Yeah. DAN SHAW: Great. I’m going to kind of lay out where we’re going this evening. So we have a very interesting kind of eclectic mix for you, and that very much represents the world of Node. We’re in the enterprise, in embedded devices, in mobile, all over the place, so I’m going to share some of my experience, some of what I’ve been helping grow in the Node community. And then after me, we’ll have Trevor Norris, Node core contributor, and we’re going…

  • What is Google doing to provide support to webmasters?
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    What is Google doing to provide support to webmasters?

    Today’s question comes from the United Kingdom. Phil asks, “When will there be official Google support for webmaster questions? I only ever receive automated responses after submitting reconsideration requests despite going to length to write in detail with regards to my issues and what I have done.” So the problem is fundamentally a scale issue. There’s 250 million domain names. I think the most recent data that we’ve provided says that we took action on 400,000 sites to the degree that we sent them a manual message in January of 2013. And we get about 5,000 reconsideration reports each week, so about 20,000 a month. And the problem is our…

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    Link Emperor Review & Tutorial – An Easy To Use Link Building Service

    Hi Guys Matthew Woodward here and my Link Emperor review and tutorial is going to teach you how to use the much talked about link emperor link building service which you can use to build high quality links with minimal effort. I’m going to take you through setting up and fine tuning your campaign along with the setup of a tiered link building campaign. You will also uncover new keywords to rank for whilst improving on page SEO for more traffic. So if you haven’t heard of link emperor before it is a full link building suite and SEO campaign management tool that can be used to create high quality…

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    What is WooRank: An Introduction

    Welcome to WooRank! In this series of videos, we’ll take you on an in-depth tour of WooRank’s features so you can better understand how WooRank can help you grow your business online. Let’s start on your overview page. When you create a WooRank account, this is the page that you see first. If you have a free account, you’ll see a banner message telling you how many reviews you have left this month. If you have a subscription, you’ll see a page like this one. On it you’ll see up to two lists. The Reviews list includes any Standard WooRank reviews that you’ve run recently, along with the score and…