• Guide to On Page SEO Elements – for Google and Bing
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    Guide to On Page SEO Elements – for Google and Bing

    Hello, my name’s Alec. I’m a search specialist here at Koozai, and today I’m going to be walking you through a few basic SEO on page elements. As you can see from the diagram behind me, I’ve a basic web page that contains all of the on page elements that you’d expect to see or could see on a web page. I’m going to walk you through what these are, how to use them, a few dos and don’ts and the relevancy of this to optimising your website. If we look at the top of the page, we have the company logo. This is normally situated in the top left-hand…

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    What should I do if my competitors are using webspam techniques?

    Today’s question comes from Hood River, where lisawilliams wants to know, “White hat search marketers read and follow Google guidelines. What should they tell clients whose competitors use black hat techniques such as doorway pages and whom continue to rank as a result of those techniques?” So first and foremost, I would say do a spam report. Because if you’re violating Google’s guidelines in terms of cloaking or sneaky JavaScript redirects, buying links, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, all those kinds of things, we do want to know about it. So you can do a spam report. That’s private. You can also stop by Google’s Webmaster forum, and that’s more public.…

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    Are Google SERPs the same on all browsers?

    Matt Cutts: We have a question from Land Lubber in Colorado. We’ve had a few from Land Lubber but you know these are kind of interesting so I enjoy answering them. The question is, Do your SERPs, Search engine result pages, return the exact same results on all browsers? That is, the same results on IE6, IE7, Firefox2, 3, Opera, Chrome and so on. The answer is, usually they do but not in all situations. So let me give you a couple of situations where it could differ. If you um, you know, personalization is based on who we think you are. So if you’re logged in versus not logged…

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    How are site: results ranked?

    Today’s question comes from Pratheep in Bangalore who wants to know, Hi Matt. If you do a site colon website dot com on Google, on what basis are the results ranked? Is this the order in which Google gives importance to each and every page in the website? Because most of the time the top listed pages get more search traffic. Great question. In general, we don’t promise that site colon queries will rank in the exact same order that other pages would rank in. So we do use a few different factors. We do use some version, roughly, of page rank, but it’s not exactly in page rank order.…

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    How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippet Box

    In the past, getting the number one position in search results was the ultimate goal for ambitious marketers. But Google has reset the starting point. And now position zero — known as a featured snippet — is the one with the authority. So, what is a featured snippet? “A featured snippet is often or historically known as a quick answer box.” That’s Matthew Barby, HubSpot’s Director of Acquisition and resident SEO expert. “Featured snippets have impacted SEO quite a lot over the past couple of years. A lot more people are either, one, going through and just getting the result directly without ever leaving the search results which can mean…

  • How to Get Your Website Ranked in Google News
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    How to Get Your Website Ranked in Google News

    You want more traffic from Google, but it takes forever to get ranked. What if I told you that you can get ranked instantly? Hey, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you how to get into Google News. The first thing you need to know about Google News is, if your content isn’t news related, you’re not going to get in. So if you’re trying to figure out what kind of news articles you can end up writing, go to Google.com/trends, and you can see what’s hot and what’s happening right now. If you write articles related to that or related to any news related…

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    Is freshness an important signal for all sites?

    >>Cutts: Hey everybody. We’re back for another round of Webmaster Videos. The very first question, the most popular one, with 86 votes, comes from Ivan in Canada. Who asks: “Google has expressed in the past that frequently updated pages get a boost in rankings (QDF), that seems to favor blogs and news sites over company sites, which have less reason to be updated often. How important of a signal is ‘freshness’?” So there’s a little bit of an interesting twist in this question. Where, it’s not just the case that just because something is frequently updated in terms of the pages on your blog or on your site that you…

  • How does Google separate popularity from authority?
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    How does Google separate popularity from authority?

    Today’s question comes from Blind Five Year Old in San Francisco, California, who asks, “As Google continues to add social signals to the algorithm, how do you separate simple popularity from true authority?” OK, this is an interesting question. Now, there’s an assumption about social signals in the first half of this question. But I want to address the second part of the question, which is how to separate simple popularity from true authority. We’ve actually thought about this quite a bit, because from the earliest days, it would get us really frustrated when we’d see reporters talk about page rank, and say page rank is a measure of the…

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    How can I tell Google that multiple domains are related?

    Today’s question comes from Manchester in the United Kingdom. Adeel asks, “Is there any way Google identifies sister websites? For example, relationships between ebay.co.uk, and ebay.com. Does linking between one to the other– is that taken as paid or unnatural? And I’m talking strictly about good, genuine ccTLDs for businesses.” OK, so I’ll try to give you the best answer I can. But I’ll also talk about non-good, non-genuine ccTLD businesses. So it is the case that we try to interpret as best we can the relationships that there are on the web. At the same time, it’s very helpful if you can tell us a little bit about what…