• How To Improve Landing Page Experience: And The Effect On Quality Score & CPC
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    How To Improve Landing Page Experience: And The Effect On Quality Score & CPC

    [Boyish Giggles] What factors go into creating a good quality landing page experience? So I think there’s really 3 major pillars that go into landing page experience. Number one is how relevant your keyword and your ad is to the actual landing page you’re sending them to. So you just want to make sure from beginning to end, you’re talking about the same thing, talking about it the same way and all of that. Number two, a little more on the back end and a little less in a marketers control is the site speed. Desktop site speed and mobile site speed are both really important factors not only for…

  • How To Drive More Traffic From Google Images
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    How To Drive More Traffic From Google Images

    seven people here and whistling Moorhead mover I didn’t promote it too much but hey guys welcome to the session here today and this is the office hour we just talked about you know what do we need to write so if you have any questions you are more than welcome to send that out but I’ll always have some sort of agenda few things to teach you guys and things like that today we’re gonna go ahead and talk about we’re going to share my screen with you as well and people should be able to see my screen you can you see it in the cache yeah and…

  • Google Is Not A Doctor | Angry Prash
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    Google Is Not A Doctor | Angry Prash

    Aye! Sit quiet sit quiet, what are you’ll doing? aye, son what do you have? hehe, nothing what do you mean by nothing? is that vaseline and tissue paper? hehe what hehe? Assistant yes sir! take out all the vaseline and tissue paper guys from here and girls? where are my slippers? shut up, is that sanitizers for a show, everyone go and sanitize your hands sir what are you worried about? why?, google isn’t a human, go and wash your hands, nonsense everyone is sitting free in the quarantine and we government employees have to work more, next google yes? google.com yes I am google.com, if you are here…

  • What impact does “page bloat” have on Google rankings?
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    What impact does “page bloat” have on Google rankings?

    >>CUTTS: A question from Deepesh in New York who asks, “What impact does ‘page bloat’ have on Google rankings? Most of the winners in SEO seem to have very simple pages, very few images, HTML-only, sometimes to the detriment to the user in a poorly designed page.” I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. You know, back in the early days of Google, we used to truncate out about a hundred kilobytes, and so if you had a “page bloat” back then, I could imagine that your content might get snipped off, you know, halfway through where you wouldn’t see all of it. But Google does a much better job of seeing…

  • On-Page SEO
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    On-Page SEO

    As we’ve discussed before SEO is divided into two practices, on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Today we’re going to look at on-site factors that Google analyzes to give your page a quality score. The first element Google looks at is the URL, which is the string of characters that you have in your address bar on your browser. This is the exact address of your page, and if it’s a long complicated strings of undecipherable characters it’s not going to do you any good. If it’s concise clear and really follows the structure of the website then it is deemed good. For example, if you’re putting the name of your…

  • Alexa Internet and rankings – the story
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    Alexa Internet and rankings – the story

    Welcome to Alexa Master, a tool and service created by Dilantha from Sri Lanka. Alexa Internet was founded in 1996 by American web entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. The company’s name was chosen in homage to the Library of Alexandria in Egypt drawing a parallel between the largest repository of knowledge in the ancient world and the potential of Internet to become a similar store of information. The company offered a toolbar that gave Internet users suggestions on where to go next, based on the traffic patterns of its user community. Alexa also offered context for each site visited: to whom it was registered, how many pages it had,…

  • Why are .com sites ranking highly in UK SERPs?
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    Why are .com sites ranking highly in UK SERPs?

    >>CUTTS: Okay, let’s walk through some questions. There was an interesting one from Guavarian in the U.K. and I think Rhocile like lobbied for a bunch of people to vote for this. Essentially they’re asking why for the U.K. SERPS, that’s Search Engine Result Pages, are you seeing a lot of .coms instead of .co.uks. And it’s absolutely true that if you do a search for, say, car insurance on Google.co.uk, you’re more likely to see for example tescofinance.com or Churchill.com. Some sites that are definitely U.K. focused, that are, you know, even mentioned U.K. in the title but are not necessarily .co.uks. Well, the short answer is that, you…

  • How to Keep Your Rankings & Traffic When Relaunching Your Site
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    How to Keep Your Rankings & Traffic When Relaunching Your Site

    Hey guys. Edmund Pelgen here, and today I wanted to talk to you about maintaining your traffic and rankings after you relaunch your website. In the last two weeks I’ve probably seen two or three different websites get launched and people have come to me asking me to help them fix their traffic problems. And the reason is that the web developers have gone and made a bunch of changes without following these simple steps. And so these simple steps are, Number one, make sure that the page titles and the meta descriptions on your old site are carried across to the new ones. Those things are responsible for your…

  • Should I use pipes or dashes in my titles?
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    Should I use pipes or dashes in my titles?

    >>CUTTS: We have a question from Blind Five Year Old in San Francisco, California. Blind Five Year Old asks, “Does Google have any suggestions (or data) on the impact of pipes versus dashes in the title tag?” I think they’re both need separators, so I think either one should be fine. Dashes are a lot more common, and so, I think that we definitely handle dash as well. I would expect that we handle pipes as well. You might see a little bit of impact in terms of how users would Click-Through. But I doubt that you’d see it very much. So you could probably run a little A, B…

  • Help for hacked sites: Assess the damage (hacked with malware)
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    Help for hacked sites: Assess the damage (hacked with malware)

    [MUSIC PLAYING] MAILE OHYE: Hi, I’m Maile Ohye. Moving forward in our series of videos on hacked site recovery, you’re now ready to assess the damage. This video is tailored to those who received a message that their site was infected with malware and who have a fairly technical background in viewing source code and running commands in the terminal. To help and to share his expertise in fighting malware, I’m joined with an engineer on Google’s Safe Browsing team, Lucas Ballard. LUCAS BALLARD: Hi, Maile. MAILE OHYE: Thanks for offering to help. Thus far, we’ve heard an overview of hacking and confirmed that our site was compromised to serve…