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    Does Google treat .co as a generic TLD?

    Today’s question comes from Costa Rica. Andres wants to know, there has been a lot of hype about the .co TLDs– that’s Colombia– and there are many people posting that Google will accept them as the new .com, although it’s the TLD for Colombia. Will Google treat the .co as generic, like .com or .net, or as a local TLD, that is like a country TLD? Good question. And the answer is that there have been enough people using .co around the world that we’re not treating as if it is specific to Colombia. So at least you do have the ability within Google Webmaster Tools to say, for my…

  • Will Google implement the ability to search with regular expressions?
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    Will Google implement the ability to search with regular expressions?

    Hi, everybody. Today’s question comes from Stockholm, Sweden. Jimmy wants to know, “Will Google offer the feature to search with regular expressions? When, or why not? I feel that sometimes you really want to be able to write very specific search queries where the normal operators and operands aren’t enough.” Great question, Jimmy. I tend to agree with you. Unfortunately, the number of people who really want to search with regular expressions is vanishingly small. And the amount of infrastructure and extra indexing space that it would take is quite large. So, for example, when we started to offer numb range searches, which you can still do. You can search…

  • How to Increase Your Search Rankings Without Link Building
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    How to Increase Your Search Rankings Without Link Building

    Link building is hard. I know they say it’s the main way to increase your search engine ranking and it is, but it’s not the only way. Google has over 200 factors that affect our algorithm. Today, I’m going to teach you how to increase your Google rankings without building any links. One of the main factors that affects rankings is click thru rate. If you do a search, let’s say you do a search for dogs. Google notices that everyone’s clicking on the second listing instead of the first listing, what are they going to do? They’re going to flip them around. Why? Because you’re using user signals. These…

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    Google Search Explained | Search for Beginners Ep 4

    Searchis a powerful tool! It allows users to find, share, and access an almost infinite amount of content, regardless of how or where they connect. Understanding how Google Search works is essential, if you have an online business and you want your customers to find you. Whether you have a website, log, social media profile, or Google My Business listing, Google goes through a whole journey to find your business, categorize it, and show it to your potential customers. First of all, Google needs to realize your business has a presence on the web. For this, Google constantly searches for new content to add to its huge catalog. This discovery…

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    How are load times displayed in Webmaster Tools calculated?

    >>CUTTS: We have a question from the Deepesh in New York, who asked, “How does Google calculate site load times in the data it exposes in Google’s webmaster statistics? Is the calculation simply average time to get and receive the HTML content for a page?” And I think the answer is yes. It’s pretty much it, you know, Googlebot sends out the request and then starting from there, we time how long it takes for us to see the request back. So it is the end-to-end time for us to fetch the page or fetch the data from the server, and that’s pretty much it. We’re looking at it from…

  • How to compare backlinks to multiple sites in SEO SpyGlass
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    How to compare backlinks to multiple sites in SEO SpyGlass

    Hey, there! Masha here from Link-Assistant.Com. Today I’d like to show you how to quickly compare website’s backlink profiles using the new handy Project Comparison module in SEO SpyGlass. Whenever you start a link building campaign, you are probably asking yourself How many backlinks do my competitors have? Is their backlink profile much stronger than mine? What should I do to beat them in search results? The Projects Comparison module in SEO SpyGlasswill help you get answers to these and many more questions and plan your link building campaign the smartest way! Here’s how it works. Launch SEO SpyGlass and create a project for your website. Then create projects for…

  • SEO Tips | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity
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    SEO Tips | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

    In the past, people used to find tricks and detours to make Google search engine think that they should be ranked at the top of the page. But the algorithm just became smarter than us, and it understands when people try to do evil. Tricks like writing your top key words in white in the background of your page just don’t work anymore, but nice try. That being said there are still things that you can do to help your SEO. Your best choice is to make sure your website is relevant to the key words that you’re trying to promote. If your keyword is pet sitting you really want…

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    How to get rid of bad backlinks | Need-to-know

    Having a good number of high-quality backlinks pointing to your website tells the search engines that your website is authoritative and worthy of a high rank in the search results. However, having spammy, low-quality backlinks pointing to your website can have the opposite effect and potentially spell disaster for your SEO and organic rankings. So, if you discover that your website is being targeted by spammy or unwanted links that are damaging your SEO, what can you do about it? This video will explain three ways to get rid of bad backlinks. Firstly, make sure that your website always returns a “404” response to pages that don’t exist. Failing to…