• Help for hacked sites: Error template
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    Help for hacked sites: Error template

    Hi. I’m Lucas Ballard. I’m a software engineer at Google, and I work on Google Safe Browsing. I’d like to provide more information for site owners who were notified that their site was infected with malware, specifically with the type error template. In case you’re unaware, if your site was infected with malware, you can see a sample of infected URLs and the type of the infection when you verify ownership of your site in Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools can be found at google.com/webmasters. In regard to error template, this type of malware occurs when the template used for error messages, such as 404 file not found errors,…

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    The World Wide Web: Crash Course Computer Science #30

    Hi, I’m Carrie Anne, and welcome to CrashCourse Computer Science. Over the past two episodes, we’ve delved into the wires, signals, switches, packets, routers and protocols that make up the internet. Today we’re going to move up yet another level of abstraction and talk about the World Wide Web.This is not the same thing as the Internet, even though people often use the two terms interchangeably in everyday language. The World Wide Web runs on top of the internet, in the same way that Skype, Minecraft or Instagram do. The Internet is the underlying plumbing that conveys the data for all these different applications. And The World Wide Web is…

  • Google Demo Slam: 20ft Search
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    Google Demo Slam: 20ft Search

    SPEAKER 1: Maybe go to the left a little. Z: The plan is, I’m going to do a voice search into a phone from 20 feet in the air. SPEAKER 2: While you’re in the air? Z: Yeah. While I’m in the air. SPEAKER 2: OK. So close. SPEAKER 3: Let’s go, Z. You’ve got this. Z: Kick flip. SPEAKER 2: Did it read his voice? SPEAKER 4: What? That’s awesome. Z: It worked? SPEAKER 2: Check it out, man, it worked. Slam!

  • How many types of messages does the webspam team send to Webmaster Tools?
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    How many types of messages does the webspam team send to Webmaster Tools?

    MATT CUTTS: Today’s question comes from Tokyo, Japan. The question is, you’ve been sending various kinds of messages via Webmaster Tools to improve transparency. It’s a good move. How many types of messages do you send, and how do you decide what message you send? Great question. So I can share a little bit of stats. At this point, we do send hundreds of thousands of messages each month. That might sound like a lot, but for example, one search engine named Blekko estimated that a million spam pages are created every hour. So the web is very large, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that some percentage of it…

  • 100% Free SEO Tools – online SEO tools
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    100% Free SEO Tools – online SEO tools

    Welcome to the only source on the web where you can get free credit card info. Thousands of credit card details are leaked in the internet daily by unethical organizations and crackers on private underground forums and networks. But it�s not at all possible for a common internet user to get access into them. A very few members are able to get these free credit card info. Lucky for you that we share SOME of these free credit card info details with you and that too totally FREE. We get hundreds of these leaked free credit card info daily, out of which some work, some don�t. Some have a thousands…

  • Should I use ccTLDs for sites not targeted to those countries?
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    Should I use ccTLDs for sites not targeted to those countries?

    We have a good question from Andy in New York who asks, “as memorable .COM domains become more expensive, more developers are choosing alternate new domains like .IO and .IM, which Google geotargets to small areas. Do you discourage this activity?” Well, I want you to go in with your eyes open, because you can pick any domain you want, but if you pick a domain like .ES or .IT because you think you can make a novelty domain, like google.it, “Google it,” or something like that, be aware that most domains at a country level do pertain to that specific country. And so we think that content is going…

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    Can I place multiple breadcrumbs on a page?

    Today’s question comes all the way from Tokyo, Japan, and the question is, many of my items belong to multiple categories on my eCommerce site. Can I place multiple breadcrumbs on a page? Do they confuse Googlebot? Do you properly understand the logical site structure of my site? So that’s a really interesting question. It turns out if you do breadcrumbs we will currently pick the first one. So I would try to get things in the right category or hierarchy as much as you can. But that said, if an item does belong to multiple areas within your hierarchy it is possible to go ahead and have multiple breadcrumbs…

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    Forget backlinks, it’s a popularity contest stupid!

    Welcome back Rankers! There was a story a couple of weeks ago about ‘Crawl Budget’. There has been a lot of talk around Crawl Budget, hence Google doing a story on it on webmasters.googleblog.com. I’ve done shows about this before and have spoken about it, but this is the first time I’ve seen something in print from Google about Crawl Budget. Some of the things we’ve observed over the years they are now admitting to. A couple of things we know such as if your site moves to HTTPS you will see a spike in the crawl rates. That’s what we can see here. We are in Search Console-Crawl Stats…

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    Should I use rel=”nofollow” on internal links to a login page?

    MATT CUTTS: Today’s question comes from Christian in Madrid. Christian asks, does it make sense to use rel=”nofollow” for internal links, for example, to link to your login page? Does it really make a difference? So let me give you the rules of thumb. I’ve talked about this a little bit in the past. But it’s worth mentioning it again. Rel=”nofollow” means the page rank won’t flow through that link as far as discovering the link, page rank computation, all that sort of stuff. So for internal links, links within your site, I would try to leave the nofollow off. So if it’s a link from one page on your…