• WHATS ON MY PHONE Challenge!
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    WHATS ON MY PHONE Challenge!

    Hey guys, this is Karina It’s Ronald, we are from Sis versus Bro! And today we’re doing the “what’s on my phone?” Challenge! So as you can see right here, we have a bunch of questions about our phone and here it says how many points the question will give you. If you have it or have done it. And we’re gonna tally it up right here and whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner! Chicken dinner! And the loser is gonna have to… Hmm, what’s the loser gonna have to do? It has to be something evil! Let’s let our viewers decide.…

  • [#TimeKiller] (ENG/SPA/IND) Go Kyung Pyo X Seo Ye Ji Vicious Sibling Fights | #PotatoStar | #Diggle
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    [#TimeKiller] (ENG/SPA/IND) Go Kyung Pyo X Seo Ye Ji Vicious Sibling Fights | #PotatoStar | #Diggle

    Hello (About to work at her brother’s company) You are…? the new intern? Yes, sorry I’m late I was caught in traffic and my coffee took forever Is she crazy? How dare she Hey! If you’re an intern, act like one! Welcome, I hope we get along Yes Are you the new intern? (Brother came in) So? (Replying right away) Hey man I’m sorry, but I can’t say hello back (Eyes on fire) Be careful next time Gonna have my eyes on you What the? (Not scared at all…) Ruined my morning, ugh I’m the new CEO here (Intern had an audacious dream…) – Take everything out of here –…

  • Social – Facebook – Yoast SEO for WordPress training
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    Social – Facebook – Yoast SEO for WordPress training

    We’re on the Facebook tab of the Social settings of Yoast SEO. The Facebook settings are slightly weird, because the Facebook settings actually affect a lot more than just Facebook. We have a toggle here that allows you to disable or enable the output of Open Graph metadata. Open Graph is the standard that Facebook uses to have metadata on pages that we use when sharing those pages on Facebook. The problem is that a lot of other social networks have started using Open Graph metadata as well. So Twitter uses it as a fallback, when there is no Twitter data. Pinterest uses it, LinkedIn uses it and even Google+…

  • Can product descriptions be considered duplicate content?
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    Can product descriptions be considered duplicate content?

    >>CUTTS: Mani from Delhi asks, “Are product description pages on an e-commerce site termed as duplicate content, if the same product description appears on other sites? It does happen for many branded products.” Mani, you’re absolutely right, it does happen. And most of the time when it happens, it’s because that’s not original content. So, if you get an affiliate feed, you know, and it might have images, it might not have images and you have the same content on your page, your e-commerce product page as four hundred other sites, there’s really, you know, it’s hard to distinguish yourself. You have to ask, “Where is my value ad? What…

  • Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO?
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    Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO?

    Matt Cutts: We have a question from sppro in New York. Who asks,” Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO? Or do they have no effect?” Well, the thing to think about, first off, what is the tag cloud? Typically, you might have a blog or something like that, and then over here in the right-hand sidebar or over on the left sidebar you’ll see a whole bunch of different tags that have been used to mark the difference blog posts. And sometimes the tags are little bigger if they get more, if they been used more or sometimes a little smaller. So what is a tag cloud? Well, typically…

  • LAAS Long Term Conditions Project update September 2019
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    LAAS Long Term Conditions Project update September 2019

    Hello there, my name’s Ailsa McCrae, I work for the Lomond and Argyll Advocacy Service. We’ve got a short video I’d like you to take a look at. This tells you all about our Long Term Conditions Advocacy project that’s been running since 2016. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those people that have been involved and supported us to make this project a huge success. We’ve assisted 376 people living across Argyll and Bute that are living with a long term condition to access an independent voice and support them to be heard and to have difficult and maybe challenging conversations with others. Our job is…

  • Part 2 – Organic SEO Best Results
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    Part 2 – Organic SEO Best Results

    – Hey y’all. Welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name’s Kori Ashton and we’re gonna pick up today where we left off last week. We’ve been talking about search engine optimization. Last week we address paid options. This week I really wanna talk to you about organic options. So there’s only two ways to be found on Google. We talked about this last week. You can either pay to be in the ad area or you can build your website in such a way that Google clearly understands what it is that you do or what you offering. And they in a sense reward you with that page one ranking…

  • [I Live Alone] 나 혼자 산다 – Seo kang jun, “Mother Says be careful the gambling, woman” 20160205
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    [I Live Alone] 나 혼자 산다 – Seo kang jun, “Mother Says be careful the gambling, woman” 20160205

    She’s here Kang Jun It’s been a long time – How have you been? – Good Have you noticed I lost weight? Yes, I can totally see that I know, I knew you would notice How did you lose weight? I only eat two meals a day Really? Seriously, did I lose weight? Yes, alot You used to.. .. have a double chin What are you talking about? I’m serious Anyway, I lost weight You look like Kate Winslet Aw, you! (She’s flattered) People never say that to me Do you want something to drink? Are you buying it? (nods) Seo Kang Jun! I’ll have an Iced Americano since I’m…

  • SEO Tools – Online Marketing Tools To Boost Productivity
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    SEO Tools – Online Marketing Tools To Boost Productivity

    We have thousands of Online Marketing Tools to Boost Productivity and Make Your Life Easier. I’ve compiled a massive of list of all of the tools and software I’ve used at some point in my career that help me manage my day-to-day responsibilities. Some are new and some have been around for a while, but my hope is that these tools will help make you more productive, and ultimately more satisfied, doing the best job in the world all the tools. We have thousands of premium tools which costs more than several hundreds of thousands of dollars. But with ToolsofinternetMarketing.com you can have it all, a dream come true! Get…