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    IDE – Integrated Development Environment in Hindi – Simply Explained – Episode 17

    So what is an IDE? The full form of IDE is Integrated Development Environment. It is basically an environment or combination of Tools Like text editor, debugger and Compiler. In today’s episode of ‘Simply Explained’ We will be trying to learn what is IDE? What are Debuggers? What are compilers and what is the actual term all about? Practically! Without Wasting time let’s start with the video after Sponsors. [Sponsors – www.1xbet.com] [Sponsor – www.1xbet.com] [Sponsor www.1xbet.com] The first thing that you do while writing a code or while programming is to actually Write a code using your keypad. You will be using Keyboard to write the code which can…

  • RAM Explained | RAM Speed | RAM Latency | RAM Frequency Explained | Priyank Gada
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    RAM Explained | RAM Speed | RAM Latency | RAM Frequency Explained | Priyank Gada

    So Hell Guys. My name is ‘Priyank’ and in today’s video we are going to talk about RAM Sticks – We will learn everything about RAM RAM Explained or RAM Sticks – RAM Channels, RAM frequency, RAM latency explained. What is Dual channel RAM, What is Quad Channel RAM? I will explain everything in detail. If you are planning to buy a RAM or multiple RAMs Then this video is for you. It includes everything you need to know about RAM. From RAM frequency, Voltage, Timing to RAM latency and Generations. Everything about RAM i.e. Random Access memory is explained in this video. So without wasting time, let’s start with…

  • Seo Trick 2019 | Understanding Rank Brain For Better SEO | Hindi
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    Seo Trick 2019 | Understanding Rank Brain For Better SEO | Hindi

    Hello friends, my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies and today we’ll talk about Rank Brain. If you understood Rank Brain You’ll be able to do seo of your website. Google’s many employees have told us that that Rank brain is one of their important factor With the help of which We judge the website. Let’s understand Rank brain I searched something on google. Like Best mic for youtubers. for example And we see many results We select the first search and didn’t like the result So we went back to results page. And viewed more results. And we finally get our results on the third…

  • Google Pay | Search and book trains in just a few taps
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    Google Pay | Search and book trains in just a few taps

    क्या आपको मालूम है कि आप Google Pay ऐप्लिकेशन इस्तेमाल करके ट्रेन का टिकट बुक कर सकते हैं? ऐप्लिकेशन खोलें और ट्रेन के आइकन पर टैप करें, या नए सेक्शन में ट्रेन खोजें। ट्रेन वाले सेक्शन में पहुंचकर “नया टिकट” पर टैप करें। आप शुरुआती स्टेशन, मंजिल, या यात्रा की तारीख के आधार पर ट्रेन ढूंढ सकते हैं। ट्रेन खोजते समय, शहर का नाम या स्टेशन कोड डालें। अगर किसी शहर में एक से ज्यादा स्टेशन हैं, तो खोज नतीजों में वे सभी आपको दिखेंगे। यह पता लगाने के लिए, ट्रेन में टिकट उपलब्ध है या नहीं, “टिकट उपलब्ध है या नहीं” पर क्लिक करें। आपको अलग-अलग क्लास में उपलब्ध…

  • SEO 2019 in Hindi
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    SEO 2019 in Hindi

    Today, I am shooting this video for the third time i shot this video yesterday also and day before yesterday unfortunately somethings were happening sometime there were some blunder in Green screen maybe bad luck of this video 🙁 anyway today we will talk about SEO 2019 about the changes in SEO 2019 . and if you understand it completely, it will improve your SEO process in 2019. I will tell you some technique to stay updated regarding SEO 2019. first of all , CONTENT IS THE KING . content is very important and do not copy paste it. write good quality content that also add some value in users…

  • LOCAL SEO| Tried and Tested Techniques |Digital Marketing Course
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    LOCAL SEO| Tried and Tested Techniques |Digital Marketing Course

    subscribe intellectual indies and press the bell icon and never miss any updates First of all we talked in digital marketing series that what actually digital marketing is after that we made our website after that we understood SEO after that we understood content and those people who are writing the blogs i appreciate them you are doing very good so today’s winner will get link in the description, and check the blog it is quite good now we understood blog after doing its practical that how to write it, how to write the content and we took lot of help from yoast SEO, that how to write it and…