• Make a Tool Cabinet // Quick and Easy style
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    Make a Tool Cabinet // Quick and Easy style

    Let’s get a bit tidy and get a home for a bunch of hand tools. This video is sponsored by Squarespace. I have too many scrap pieces and boards around here and decided to build this tool cabinet to get rid of some of them. The cabinet has to be quite slim because of the space that I have available on the wall, so I’ll make it a little tall to actually have room for all the tools. The materials used are 21mm birch plywood that is strong and rigid and 8mm valchromat, that is kind of a high quality MDF that I happen to have available in grey. If…

  • SEO Tools You Need to Know About
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    SEO Tools You Need to Know About

    SEO, every professional services firm knows they need do it, but it’s the thing that confounds us the most. What is SEO? SEO is simply getting the right audience to your content by use of relevant keywords. And the best way to think about SEO is a balance across three key concepts. That is, volume, how often are people searching for this, and how many people on a monthly basis? How difficult is a particular keyword to rank for? And how relevant is it to the audience that you are trying to drive to that particular piece of content? Well, the good news is that, while it is be fairly…