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    The Best Google On Page SEO Strategies

    Hey there, this is Matt. We are at part six of the SEO Exciter series. And this is going to be the last video that I’m going to talk a little bit about: the on page SEO strategies. Then we’re going to start talking a little bit more about the off-page stuff as well as a little bit more about social marketing and SEO But the only thing I want to kind of cover a little bit in this video is the fact that we were talking a little bit about spiders in the last engine, about how the way that SEO works is that you’re going to have major…

  • Does a site rank better if it has a lot of indexed pages?
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    Does a site rank better if it has a lot of indexed pages?

    Today’s question comes from New York. Leah asks, “Does a website get a better overall ranking if it has a large number of indexed pages?” So I wouldn’t assume that just because you have a large number of indexed pages that you’ll automatically get a higher ranking. That’s not the case. It is the case that if you have more pages that have different keywords on them, then you have the opportunity where they might be able to rank for the individual queries that a user has. But just having more pages doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll be in good shape or that you’ll get some sort of ranking boost.…

  • How to Index a Page in 60 minutes on Google | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #30】
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    How to Index a Page in 60 minutes on Google | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #30】

    Many people wonder what would they need in order to have a webpage indexed within 60 minutes since its publication. Personally, I don’t think it’s just a quirk. For those who deal with SEO in a professional manner, knowing immediately where content ranks is important (although it probably won’t be the final position, at least it gives an important signal). In order to speed up this process or to force it, we need to let Google know that we have published new content on our website, and there are various ways to do that: URL Check: in your Search Console account there is a special section where you can enter…

  • Robots: How to Influence Crawling and Indexing on Google | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #29】
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    Robots: How to Influence Crawling and Indexing on Google | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #29】

    In SEO terms, the crawling phase occurs when Googlebot accesses a page and analyzes it, while the indexing occurs when the webpage appears to be suitable for inclusion in the search engine index. Since the 1990s, webmasters around the world have used a robots.txt file in the root of their websites in order to provide any bot with some instructions on how to access their content. In this very simple text file, a Disallow directive is inserted, containing the paths of the pages or folders that the bot must not scan, in order not to overload the resources of our server. There is also a User-agent for referring to a…

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    Google Search Explained | Search for Beginners Ep 4

    Searchis a powerful tool! It allows users to find, share, and access an almost infinite amount of content, regardless of how or where they connect. Understanding how Google Search works is essential, if you have an online business and you want your customers to find you. Whether you have a website, log, social media profile, or Google My Business listing, Google goes through a whole journey to find your business, categorize it, and show it to your potential customers. First of all, Google needs to realize your business has a presence on the web. For this, Google constantly searches for new content to add to its huge catalog. This discovery…

  • How can new pages get indexed quickly?
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    How can new pages get indexed quickly?

    >>CUTTS: Vladgidea from Romania asked, “How much time is Google taking to index a new webpage, and how can we accelerate the process besides using Google Webmaster Tools?” Well, the simplest answer is to get more links. We can index a page within seconds, certainly within minutes, if we find, for example, you know, CNN is linking, we’ll crawl that very, very quickly. So we can find a new content quite quickly, you know. If you got a blog or something like that, we’ll come back pretty often and check for it. But the best way is to make sure that you have enough links that we think that you…