• Seeing the future on site with Mixed Reality
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    Seeing the future on site with Mixed Reality

    HoloLens is a wearable technology, it allows the user to wear a headset and integrates what you can see in the real world with a virtual model or a virtual reality added to that. We create the 3D models, we create the 4D visualisations, we work very closely with Synchro who have created an app for the HoloLens which allows us to take the 4D visualisations and upload them straight to the HoloLens and within minutes you’re able to see that out on site. We trialled it on a couple of projects, for example putting beams onto the top of the building. We’ve been able to actually visualise the area…

  • DT340 Pipe Crawler Capability Testing
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    DT340 Pipe Crawler Capability Testing

    Do you how we know why we can say the DT340 Pipe Crawler is truly robust? We put it through some very serious testing. The DT340 X can be equipped with steel cord reinforced polyurethane tracks built to tackle any obsticals you may encounter. Experience the rugged and durable DT340 Pipe Crawler inspection system for yourself, visit us at deeptrekker.com

  • GCP Architecture: Web Application (Get Cooking in Cloud)
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    GCP Architecture: Web Application (Get Cooking in Cloud)

    PRIYANKA VERGADIA: Welcome to “Get Cooking in Cloud,” where we share the best recipes to apply in your cloud kitchen. I’m Priyanka Vergadia. And in this episode, we will talk about creating websites on Google Cloud. [MUSIC PLAYING] If your business revenue and customer satisfaction depends on the availability and scalability of your website, then you are at the right place. In this episode, we will present four reference architectures that let you scale small or go large depending on your needs. So let’s dive in. At a high level, there are four different recipes to build websites. Depending on where you are in your cloud journey, your business needs,…