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    The World Wide Web: Crash Course Computer Science #30

    Hi, I’m Carrie Anne, and welcome to CrashCourse Computer Science. Over the past two episodes, we’ve delved into the wires, signals, switches, packets, routers and protocols that make up the internet. Today we’re going to move up yet another level of abstraction and talk about the World Wide Web.This is not the same thing as the Internet, even though people often use the two terms interchangeably in everyday language. The World Wide Web runs on top of the internet, in the same way that Skype, Minecraft or Instagram do. The Internet is the underlying plumbing that conveys the data for all these different applications. And The World Wide Web is…

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    How Geotargeting Works | NordVPN

    Have you ever wondered why apps and websites track your location? Geotargeting is one of the main reasons why, and it works like this: Imagine you’re at work. You pick up your phone, check your social media and see an ad for a new shopping mall — and it’s just five minutes away from you. The lunch hour comes, and you head over there to buy a snack. All because an app on your phone tracked your location and sold this data to an advertiser. And that’s not all. Every website you visit knows your location based on your IP — and may show you different content accordingly. Your phone’s…

  • Optimizing web graphics
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    Optimizing web graphics

    Sahim: Hi, my name’s Susie, and I’m from the Doodle team at Google. So I’m gonna show you a few tips that we use to make sure that pages load faster on the Web. One easy tip is to crop out any excess white space in your graphic. Another tip is to use the correct file format for your graphics. Now let’s go to the computer demo. So here I am in Adobe Photoshop. First I’m gonna crop this image ’cause I’ve got a lot of excess white space here. Now I’m gonna go to File, Save for Web & Devices. Now this is where all the magic happens. Looks…

  • IETF and Internet Hall of Fame 2013: Henning Schulzrinne
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    IETF and Internet Hall of Fame 2013: Henning Schulzrinne

    Henning Schulzrinne I’ve been involved in the Internet technical community since the early ’90s, primarily in my academic role as faculty at Columbia and previously as a researcher at Bell Labs and in a German research lab here in Berlin, actually. And secondly, more recently, as a staff member for the Federal Communications Commission. In that role, I have been participating in traditional academic research, primarily in the networking realm, but also, working primarily within the Internet Engineering Task Force on standards development for Internet applications, primarily real-time applications. The topics I have worked on probably the most are, as I said, the real-time Internet applications, Voice over IP and…

  • Testimonial to Stephen Gorgey’s great SEO talents.
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    Testimonial to Stephen Gorgey’s great SEO talents.

    Hi my name is Greg Doherty and I’m a commercial insurance broker based in Los Angeles California. About a year and a half ago I decided to research Internet Marketing in an effort to raise my presence on the Internet and increase my business I found Stephen Gorgey and hired him. And today 18 months later, I have honestly seen a tremendous increase in my business. Stephen has me on the front page of Google and Bing consistently and I’m now getting phone calls and emails from my website from all over the world sometimes two and three per day. So it’s very exciting and it’s been very very good…

  • What Is The Deep Web? | Mashable Explains
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    What Is The Deep Web? | Mashable Explains

    did you know that there’s a huge portion of the internet the you can’t find simply by Googling it in fact search engines can only account for about 10 percent of the total internet what is the other ninety percent that’s out there? That’s what’s known as the Deep Web. The deep web is any website that cannot be indexed by search engine when you look for something on Google for instance you’re actually searching an index as much of the internet as Google has been able to find search engines use web crawler software sometimes known as spiders to find and index web pages. They start by finding a…

  • How to Get Faster Internet Speed for Free
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    How to Get Faster Internet Speed for Free

    Hey whats up guys I’m ThioJoe and in this video I’m going to teach you how you can get a faster internet speed than you’re currently paying for without paying anything extra no matter what internet company you have. I’m going to show you what you need how to do it and why it works, so stay tuned I’m sure you’re going to be surprised at how easy this really is. We’re basically going to take advantage of how your internet company sets the speed limit for your connection and then remove that limit. In most cases this will mean that you will get the fastest internet speed possible that…