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    Mazen for SEO specialists : how you can do in 1 hour what usually takes 1 day

    Mazen is the first SEO software that saves you a lot of time when doing your SEO work. When you use Mazen, you only need to use Mazen. You don’t need to use your Excel sheets, your CMS, or any other tool everything can be done in one unique and simple interface So the first step is looking for some keywords So for example, if I’m optimizing the website of a web agency in New York, I’m going to make some keyword research. The first step is selecting the keyword that I want to optimize. So let’s say that we like this keyword (for instance ) I add this keyword…

  • How to Generate and Choose Keywords | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #4】
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    How to Generate and Choose Keywords | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #4】

    It will seem obvious, but keywords are not all the same! Personally, I love distinguishing keywords based on their “commercial intent”. ● Informational – the user is looking for information on a specific topic (for example “how a smartphone works”) ● Navigational – the user wants to access a specific site (for example “MediaWorld login”) ● Transactional – the user wants to buy something (for example “buy cheap smartphone”) I would like to point out that in case of an e-commerce, you could actually obtain great results by using not only transactional or navigational keywords, but also informational keywords through. For example, by creating specific articles of an internal blog…

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    How to do a Keyword Research in an SEO Process: Criteria and tools

    Welcome to Crawling Mondays! I would like to go through one of the most fundamental critical activities in an SEO process the Cuba research the Cuba research will allow us to identify the best potential query opportunities to target those are much more meaningful for us in in the SEO process the one that we really want you to focus on to to monitor to track our visibility for and the ones that we will really really really like to be number one and the first positions and in search results right so I know that there are so many different tools nowadays so many different data sources it is…

  • Keyword research for free and how to use them ( 10 tips )
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    Keyword research for free and how to use them ( 10 tips )

    today I want to discuss about 10 ways to find keywords (keyword research) for free as a youtuber you certainly know the name keyword This keyword is important and useful especially for videos SEO functions Keyword is to make search engine’s bots to easy understand your content if the keywords in your video are optimal like this Your videos are most likely, appear on the first page, appear on the suggestion video the most important thing is to get a natural view There are two types of keywords, the first are short tail keywords (short keywords) maximum number of words is only two example … keyword ideas … keyword research…

  • How to Do Keyword Mapping with WebSite Auditor
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    How to Do Keyword Mapping with WebSite Auditor

    Welcome to SEO PowerSuite help videos! Today, you’ll learn how to build a powerful keyword map in WebSite Auditor Open a project in WebSite Auditor and go to Content Analysis>Keyword Map You can either enter your site’s keywords or import them from a Rank Tracker project or import them from a CSV file. Let’s import the existing keyword map from your Rank Tracker project. After the import from Rank Tracker’s Target keywords is over, you’ll see the imported keyword data here in the left sidebar If you have previously assigned any keywords to landing pages, you’ll see this Mapped label. When you click on the assigned keyword group, the mapped…

  • Website Backlinks Explained
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    Website Backlinks Explained

    >>[Music for Business Blueprint]>>Dale Beaumont: Hi.. I’m Dale Beaumont: I’m the offer of 16 best selling books and the creator of Business Bllueprint. You’re about to step inside one of the live webinars called the new role of business. And you’re about to discover a range of tactics and strategies to help you to grow your business, faster and easier than ever before. So enjoy the video and we’re talking again soon. What you wanna do is you wanna have a lot of links coming to your website. We call them back link. Now what a link is.. it’s another website other than yours that has your URL embedded on…

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    Top 3 Best free keyword planner for YouTube/Website. SEO tutorial for beginners

    Hello friend’s my name is Rayhan and welcome to RVS ( Rayhan Video Sites) Today we are gona learn the top 3 best website for keyword. First one is keyword tool io, second one is KWFinder it means keyword finder and the third one and the best one is Google AdWords Let’s see what website does for us. . First one is keyword tool, if you want to search keyword for apple. You can type apple here A P P L E and enter here you can see they give us lot’s of option for keyword. . You can chose any of them if you like and you can put…