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    Twitter – Are Twitter’s Links Backlinks ?

    does sharing all links on Twitter creates backlinks and is there a difference between sharing short links or long links? Hey its Eric and welcome to your series use Twitter like a pro the links that we share on Twitter are not considered as backlinks since they are replaced by Twitter’s no follow link to understand this let me answer the second question is there a difference between sharing short links or long links when sharing a link on Twitter I would highly recommend that you create a tracking link. Why a tracking link? Because you need to know if people are really clicking on your links as we know…

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    Backlinks are DEAD – Long Live Content Marketing. Drive new customers to your website

    What exactly IS a backlink? Well think of it like this. Two pie shops are in the same town, sell the same pies, and have websites that are pretty much the same. So how does Google decide which website to put in the first position? Backlinks. Each backlink counts as a vote, and all other things being equal, the website with the most votes wins top position. OK, so these links are magical and awesome but where to get backlinks for your website? That, my friends, is where we come in. Backlinks aren’t a mystery, but doing them right and managing them as you go along takes time and experience…

  • Website Backlinks Explained
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    Website Backlinks Explained

    >>[Music for Business Blueprint]>>Dale Beaumont: Hi.. I’m Dale Beaumont: I’m the offer of 16 best selling books and the creator of Business Bllueprint. You’re about to step inside one of the live webinars called the new role of business. And you’re about to discover a range of tactics and strategies to help you to grow your business, faster and easier than ever before. So enjoy the video and we’re talking again soon. What you wanna do is you wanna have a lot of links coming to your website. We call them back link. Now what a link is.. it’s another website other than yours that has your URL embedded on…

  • Using Deadlink Checker to Find Broken Backlinks
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    Using Deadlink Checker to Find Broken Backlinks

    Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here Director of Marketing at SharpRocket Today, I’m going to show you how you can use a deadlink checker in order for you to find any broken links on a page whether it’s on your website or it’s a website of another blogger or webmaster that you can reach out for your link building campaign Let’s go straight to the tool that I’m going to use for this tutorial LinkMiner created by Jon Cooper of Pointblankseo This can help you check webpages for any broken links The good thing with this is that It helps you to pull some metrics whether it’s a Moz DA Ahrefs…

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    Что такое SEO-ссылки и зачем они нужны

    Hello, friends! I was often asked about backlinks, about how to promote sites using links in current reality and I decided to record a series of videos in which I will describe my attitude towards links briefly explain what it is, what types of links are there, briefly tell about their history. Moreover, I will reveal the practical ways to build up the reference weight on the site in order not to get under the filters and do everything as correctly as possible. But in this video we will talk mainly about the theoretical moments, about what is a reference, what characteristics the links have. It is worth talking about,…

  • Backlinks SEO – How To Get More Power From Links
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    Backlinks SEO – How To Get More Power From Links

    Hello and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer if you are brand new here welcome to Chris Palmer SEO. in today’s video We will discuss how you can increase the power and the quality of Backlinks that you already have or that you are going to establish for SEO. So I will walk through exactly the process on my white board here I’ll give you the SEO strategy so you can take it and you two can actually start increasing the power of SEO backlinks from one site to another Now this actually arises because I have continuously gotten questions about link building and Chris I Am able to acquire…