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    #115: User-Focused IT at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with CIO John B. Owens

    Government IT, federal government IT is big and it’s bad. I don’t mean bad as in bad, it’s like bad as in bad-ass stuff especially when you have a CIO who’s focused on Dev-ops and connecting with users and the business. I am Michael Krigsman, episode 115 of CXO-Talk with my glorious and fabulous co-host, Vala Afshar. I think you should save the big announcement and your scream describing our extraordinary CIO’s who’s with us, John Owens, the CIO of the US Patent and Trademark Office. How are you John? Very good thank you. Thank you both. John Owen, CIO of the US Patent and Trademark Office. How are you…

  • Efficient Management and Search of GPS Routes
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    Efficient Management and Search of GPS Routes

    Nowadays, mobile devices have GPS and many people record routes when hiking or doing other sports such as running and cycling. Route collections have grown so much that computers have trouble showing them to the user. That’s why different applications show only a single route at a time. We found a way to show the entire collection by only keeping the points necessary to preserve the shape of the routes When zooming out, we need less points. When zooming in, we need more points, but then we can cut out the ones outside the screen area. In this way, we can show many routes at a time and even very…

  • Records Management
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    Records Management

    For over 55 years Iron Mountain has helped organizations large and small to manage the risks and costs of records management, while reducing complexity. We understand the value of your information as well as the challenges you face managing it. Our 20,000 employees serve customers in more than 37 countries across 5 continents. We service over 100,000 organizations ranging from global industry leaders to local businesses, treating every clients information as if it were our own. Our portfolio of services is the largest in our industry. Services that are designed to implement your policies and function as a seamless extension of your organization. The physical design of our facilities along…