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    SharePoint Search center overview

    Users in your organization enter search queries and view the search results in a SharePoint Search Center. As the administrator, you configure and customize the experience to enable your users to find the content they need in your organization with Office 365. In this video we’re going to give you an overview of searching in SharePoint online. An authorized user visits SharePoint and enters criteria to look for a document. The user finds the necessary document and continues on their way. Most users are unaware of the effort involved to make that magic happen. This is where you come in! Basically, this is how search works in Office 365. SharePoint…

  • Bringing AI to the edge: Azure Cognitive Services in Containers
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    Bringing AI to the edge: Azure Cognitive Services in Containers

    [MUSIC]>>Every time a technology is moved from the hands of the few to a wide variety of people, a whole new set of capabilities that we never even imagined, suddenly come into existence and change the world. [MUSIC]>>Cognitive Services enables developers to take advantage of AI without being a data scientist. [MUSIC]>>Some enterprises don’t have the luxury of being able to call out to the Cloud all the time. [MUSIC]>>Now, with Cognitive Services and Containers that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. [MUSIC]>>Containerization is really the act of packaging up an application that you can take and put on any machine. [MUSIC]>>Azure is the only Cloud that enables…

  • The smart way to buy a used phone online
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    The smart way to buy a used phone online

    – The time has come. I’m coming clean. I’ve had the S7 for two years now. And being someone that films the latest and greatest tech everyday, it’s gotten me wanting a new phone. The thing is, I don’t wanna spend $1,000 and I don’t necessarily need something that came out yesterday. So I’m gonna show you how to buy a good, used phone. (light music) Okay, I’m buying an S9+. Now, I am not here to tell you what phone to buy and I’m sure you’ll sound off in the comments about your favorite devices and what you would buy, but what I am here to do is to…

  • Galaxy Buds review: everything but the basics
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    Galaxy Buds review: everything but the basics

    – This video’s about disappointment. It’s like I was so ready for the future to change my present, yet here I am stuck in the past. – Disappointed! – You know, there’s always next time. But right now, this is not the future, and if anything, it’s a teeny tiny step back. This is a Galaxy Buds review. (mellow hip hop music) So I’ve been waiting for technology to slim down, cut cords, and be forgettable in a way for a long time, and these $129 Galaxy Buds were my shiny gleam of hope towards that in the Android ecosystem. (mellow music) Now, I’ve tried AirPods. I didn’t like all…

  • How to Use the Microsoft Translator Edge Extension
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    How to Use the Microsoft Translator Edge Extension

    With the Microsoft Translator extension, you can now translate webpages from over 50 different languages to your language of choice with the simple click of a button making web content from around the world even more accessible to you on Microsoft Edge! First, go to a website written in a Microsoft Translator supported language. For this example we will use MSN Spanish. As the page loads, you will see the Translator icon show up in the address bar. Now, click on translate. The webpage will be translated to your language. You can also select some text, right click and select translate in the context menu to get a translation for…

  • What’s New with Microsoft 365 | August 2019
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    What’s New with Microsoft 365 | August 2019

    (upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Vivian and welcome to What’s New with Microsoft 365 this month. Joining Arthur and myself today is Candace Lowry, and she works in public affairs here at Microsoft. Candace, do you want to share a little bit about yourself with our viewers? – Sure, so I work at Microsoft in public affairs, and I manage all of the social strategy that we do. I also am working on the social strategy of an upcoming book, called “Tools and Weapons,” by Microsoft president Brad Smith. So I’m gonna shamelessly plug that as we talk. – Yeah, do it! Well thanks so much for being able to…

  • Learn the Basics of SEO with Duane Forrester – Stukent Expert Session
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    Learn the Basics of SEO with Duane Forrester – Stukent Expert Session

    >>Trevor: All right, everyone, welcome to another episode of the Stukent Expert Session webinar series. We are extremely privileged, extremely lucky today to have the one and only Duane Forrester from Bing. He is currently the Senior Product Manager with their Webmaster program, he�s also one of the very first SEO�s hired by a search engine, which is actually really cool. His work has been featured in all of the top publications: New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and we�re excited to have someone like Duane with us today to teach us more about the principles of search engine optimization. He�s going to go a little bit further into some of…

  • Why Bing Isn’t a Failure (& the Future of the Internet)
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    Why Bing Isn’t a Failure (& the Future of the Internet)

    Here’s something you’ve never, ever heard before: “Hey, good question, you should Bing it” Okay, maybe once. But, except maybe as a punchline, nobody uses Bing. Microsoft has tried, and tried, and tried again, They redesigned the website, spent millions advertising a pun making Google look better, even paid people to use it. And yet, a decade later, Bing is still Bing. So, at this point, why not just abandon the project? Well, because Bing isn’t actually a failure. Far from it. It’s a story of data, and control, and, ultimately, the future of the internet. In 2012, CEO Steve Ballmer announced Bing was finally a real contender. He said…