• More sites migrating to “mobile first” index – Digital Minute 04/04/18
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    More sites migrating to “mobile first” index – Digital Minute 04/04/18

    Hi, I’m Carrie and on today’s Digital Minute, we’ve got an update on the roll-out of Google’s mobile first index. Google announced last week that it was moving ahead with the next stage of its mobile first index this means that more sites will be ranked based on how well they perform on mobile ranking factors, rather than desktop. Google started moving a small number of websites to the mobile first index back in October, but this is the first time that the search engine has announced that a large number of sites will move to it. That, it would seem, is a sign that Google is pushing ahead towards…

  • 6 Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked
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    6 Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked

    six signs that your phone has been hacked with everything firmly manifested in the digital age the next logical step in our security seems to be encryption how can we protect our private information whether it be texts phone calls or emails from potential hacking technology or big agencies with new technology evolving every day and everything now on the Internet being easily accessible to everyone what are some ways that we can protect ourselves and also ensure that we are not being spied on if you’re wondering how to find out if your phone has been hacked you’ve reached the right place whether you have an iPhone Android or…

  • Mobile Search Today
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    Mobile Search Today

    MICHAEL SLINGER: Mobile search differs from desktop search in two ways. Number one, when people are searching, they’re usually looking for something that’s more immediate than they would be on desktop. The second thing is often they’re looking for something that’s local. So we measure queries with local intention. And we see that over a third of our mobile queries have local intention, which means trying to find something near you. Whereas on desktop, that number’s much lower. So those two things, the lower down the purchase funnel, more immediately in need of something, really drives differences in search. So when we first launched search on mobile, it looked very…